In June there was some intense weeks before Sunyogi left for his retreat. First it started with an advanced course in the ashram in Lachhipur that had 100% success rate. People from all over India came to Lachhipur to enjoy the last advanced course from Swamiji. A week with strong noon-time Sun was a good aid for our Sunyoga students who were satisfied with deeper experiences. 


In just a few days after started another course. This time it was a course for future teachers of Sunyoga. As many as 27 people passed the test and now we have many new Sunyoga teachers, young and old from all different parts of India that can teach Sunyoga. 

In the last day there were celebration of the birthday of Sunyogi and food was distributed to the villagers. New construction of solar panels were completed and many people came to take farewell of Sunyogi before leaving. A committee was formed to make sure Sunyoga workshops and teaching will continue as usually when Swamiji is away. Contact Jonathan if you like to know where you can come to workshop to develop your Sunyoga practice, Whatsapp +16126702264 (Jonathan) or Email

Keep coming to our website as many new interesting workshops and ideas are developing. Recently have our books in English been printed in India and they can be ordered here.

Swami Ji is an enlightened being, but still went for his higher spiritual growth. His life is a message that no matter at what stage of life we are, there is always a scope of betterment and growth.

Sunyogi Ji built Universal Peace Center and began activities for protection for humanity in India and around the world. Sunyoga is a contribution  to humanity to protect ourselves from destructive circumstances. Before going for his retreat he gave away all the controls and rights which was his effort of over 2 decades. This act by him again teaches us that the highest goal of a human is the union with cosmos and for that one need to give away all his identity and surrender.


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  1. Purnam to such a inspiring teacher and I thank you Swami Ji continuously being a light
    You choice a perfect time maha Kranti to leave the world awaits your return

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