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Photograph Meditation

To practice Photo Meditation, we need a photograph of our face in which our eyes and face are clear. The size of the photo should not be smaller than 12 x 10 cm or 5 x 4 inches. The photograph should be placed in front of us at the same height as our eyes, approximately 1 to 2 meters (about 3 to 6 feet) away, so that we can focus clearly on our open looks in the photograph. The spine will become erect if the photo is kept at eye level.

We might wonder why we should choose a photo of ourselves and not one of a guru, parent, or the depiction of a god. Our concentration will be fast if we use photos of someone we love. The reason why we do not use other pictures is that we love ourselves the most. We cannot love anyone more than ourselves. We have the electromagnetic power of the soul, which constantly protects and draws us towards itself.

Because we are under the influence of Maya (a world of illusions), we cannot recognize the electromagnetic power of the soul, even though we can feel it sometimes. Hence, using our photographs is the most helpful thing to do. Using someone else’s photo would be time-consuming because, first, we would have to relate to that soul, which would only reflect us. If we focus on our photos, our electromagnetic power will surface and reflect like a mirror. It will save us time and energy. We can also practice open-eye meditation by using a mirror, candlelight, or a dot on the wall. In the initial stages, the mind is restless, and eye movements are rapid. The movements in the mirror will
appear twice as fast, making it difficult for us to concentrate. The candlelight and the dot on the wall are the third and fourth options, but it is harder for us to tune into their vibrations, thus requiring more time to go deeply into meditation. These practices pressure the pineal gland and make the head feel heavy. This sensation deters many people from continuing. Only those who have conditioned themselves can go further with the practice. Essential for this meditation is also to follow the three instructions for Sun Meditation.

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Eye-to-Eye Meditation

Eye-to-Eye Meditation is preferably done by two people who have a strong bond and feel close, such as two friends, two siblings, two lovers, or a husband and wife. Meditation is excellent for healing and strengthening relationships. For example, it is beneficial for a husband and wife preparing to conceive a baby.

In a group meditation, we find a partner and sit facing one another at arm’s length. This distance will maintain the balance between the participant’s eyes. If we have weak eyesight, we can use glasses. In the beginning, we may burst into laughter. It is okay to laugh until we are settled, and then we will be able to concentrate. If we are ready from within, we will not laugh. It is also important for Eye-to-Eye Meditation to follow the three instructions for Sun Meditation.

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Video: Photo Meditation with Mahavatar Babaji