The mission of the Universal Peace Centre is to create a self-dependent and self-sustainable Global Family Home University (GFHU). We need to become self-dependent in order to gain control of what can pollute our environment and create disturbance and toxins in our life and body. This is vital for having an efficient purification and education system thanks to which we can resolve all our problems in life.The Global Family Home University will be a smaller community where all energy, research and resources will be focused on the development of the students, paying particular attention to subjects like food production, technology, health, art, handicraft and spirituality. At GFHU, those people who find no place in society because considered weak or useless will also has a chance to contribute and play a role with their talent and love. There will be no restriction in health care. Several different types of health alternatives will be provided, and everybody will be free to choose the health care of their liking.

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The goal is to create a money free community. That is a necessity for a peaceful environment. Money is a big toxin for modern society and it can easily corrupt our mind. Work is best done when it comes from the heart. So we want to have total self-dependence, no money needed inside the University. Also food, water, energy, health therapies, shelter and clothing, all will be provided within the GFHU.

Find out more about our project of creating a Global Family Home University by reading our 17-pages information brochure here (Dream Plan in PDF)