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Universal Peace Centre (UPC) is an organization that aims to unite all people, regardless of background, into universal brotherhood and peace. In UPC, caste, creed, religion, and race have no power to set people apart. With UPC, people can live a harmonious, peaceful life.

Sunyogi Umasankar discovered Sun Meditation in 1995 on the seashore in Pondicherry. In 1997 he started a 6-year-long barefoot walk all around India to spread the message of universal peace and brotherhood. He has served humanity ever since, helping to develop spiritual awareness among humans to build a better future. This is a critical goal for the organization.

Sunyogi met many people during his walk, and they wanted to learn from him the powerful Sun Meditation he was practicing. This willingness to learn Sun Meditation is why Sunyogi felt the need for an organization where people could get together and learn. In 1998 Sunyogi Umasankar started the Universal Peace Center in his home village, Lachhipur, in West Bengal, India. Organic cultivation was the first step taken by UPC to create healthy food and a self-sustained environment.

In 2007 Sunyogi felt the need to spend some of his time in deep meditation. He went to the Himalayas and spent the winter at freezing temperatures of minus 45 degrees. There he was lucky enough to meet Mahavatar Babaji for the first time. The following winter, he got the chance to meet Babaji a second time, and from this experience, he developed full enlightenment.

Sunyogi encourages young and older people to reach self-realization through Sun Meditation to increase spiritual awareness. He has traveled the world to teach Sun Meditation to thousands of people in line with his mission of universal peace.

The mission of the Universal Peace Centre is to create a self-dependent and self-sustainable Global Family Home University (GFHU). We must become self-dependent to control what can pollute our environment and create disturbance and toxins in our life and body. This is vital for having an efficient purification and education system, thanks to which we can resolve all our problems in life.

The Global Family Home University will be a smaller community where all energy, research, and resources will be focused on the development of the students, paying particular attention to subjects like food production, technology, health, art, handicraft, and spirituality. At GFHU, those who find no place in society because they are considered weak or useless will also have a chance to contribute and play a role with their talent and love. There will be no restrictions in health care. Several different health alternatives will be provided, and everybody will be free to choose the health care of their liking. 

May the future bring love and light to humanity, with a community of souls awoken on the way to enlightenment and in a beautiful environment filled with peace and freedom.

The Goal

A money-free community is a necessity for a peaceful environment. Money is a potent toxin for modern society and can easily corrupt our minds. Work is best done when it comes from the heart.

  • Total self-dependence, no money needed inside the University. (food, energy, shelter, and clothing provided)
  • A peaceful and pollution-free environment with no automobiles.
  • Health centers with different healing methods can be chosen directly by the patient.
  • Practical research, 100% focused on developing University.
  • An education system for establishing a great growing ground to raise awareness and wisdom.
  • No hierarchy among members; women and men are equally respected.
  • Leading responsibility is increased by wisdom.
  • Job determined by passion and talent.
  • Cultural encouragement to give talented artists total freedom for their inspiration.
  • Create a working self-dependent community model that can later spread to other parts of the world.
  • A significant focus will be on monks and seekers to keep the wisdom alive and growing from one generation to the next. These figures are needed to support the enlightened gurus.

The Method

In his search for truth, Sunyogi realized, by the grace of Mahavatar Babaji, that today the root cause of our problems lies in thought. As a computer, we humans open many windows of thought but don’t know how to close them. As a computer that has too many programs open and eventually crashes, the same is true for people of modern society, who become overloaded with incomplete thoughts until they crash down.

This overload of thoughts creates an unbalance in our system and causes all our problems and diseases. These open windows of incomplete thoughts constitute an unbalance in the five elements. Through meditation, we can draw cosmic energy into our body via the pineal gland, which is further distributed in the brain to balance the five elements. This will result in a shutdown of all incomplete thoughts, allowing us to reap the full benefit of health, wisdom, peace, harmony, and a blissful enlightened life. 


The Background

The individual self is the smallest unit of the Universe, so Individual Peace is the first step towards Universal Peace, and that should be our first focus. The next unit we come to is the family, which will be second in priority. After that comes our local community or village, which will be the next step of stress; if we patiently follow this model, we will have the key to creating peace in the whole Universe.

Natur is our master. Nature has provided everything we need for our daily life and our survival. It provides for all basic needs: natural food, natural shelter, natural clothes, natural medicine, and natural education. If we fulfill our primary requirements, our secondary needs – e.g., wealth, material prosperity, and respect from others – will be fulfilled automatically. Therefore we should primarily focus on our primary markets, those that nature can give us. We should protect wildlife as nature is always watching us. We have no right to misuse nature.

Research has been carried out on similar projects, showing that two crucial things often seem missing from communities to become genuinely peaceful and self-sustainable. First, they are not fully self-sustainable because some money is in circulation. To be able to provide everything for ourselves, there has to be enough labor. The foundation is the most critical aspect of any project; for us, work constitutes the base from which we can grow our pyramid. Everyone will get the same benefits and respect inside the Global Home Family so that all jobs will be significantly honored, just like performing them.

Secondly, a project like this needs enlightened leaders, not only for today but also for the future. They will be at the top of the pyramid. There has to be a supportive atmosphere for the students to reach enlightenment. This will create real sustainability over the long term. Natue is a geat master.

 To get a self-sustained Global Family Home University running, we must follow seven pillars.
1. Agriculture
Our agriculture will provide all food we need, and it will be natural and organic food. This will occur through the cultivation of edible crops and livestock cows. Quality food is necessary for students to focus 100% on their education. One-third of the land will be wild growing forest, which will give us a surrounding area of protection.
2. Clothing
There will be organic cotton cultivation, enabling us to use cotton to weave organic clothes ourselves.
3. Shelter
We will use local natural materials to build natural houses to avoid pollution. For example, we can use leaves, straw, clay, wood, and stones. Sustainable energy sources, such as solar or wind-powered, will also be utilized.
4. Health
Natural treatments will give us actual health. A Global Health Home will be prepared. We need healthy students so they can receive their education. Although sun meditation can cure all diseases, various healing methods will also be available. Some possible techniques could be Acupressure, Ayurvedic medicine, Massage, Phantom Surgery, Homeopathy, Allopathy, etc.
5. Love
A global home will open for families, the disabled, widows, orphans, elderly persons, and others who need support to maximize their talents. We have to protect the weak. The elderly and orphans can stay together in one home to give unconditional love to each other. This will create a robust support system. Every person is essential and can be helpful to the community if we find and encourage the talent each person has to offer.6. Education
The Gurukul education system has no age limit. It is an important fundamental part of the plan of the Global Family Home. Now we can give the proper education to the right person. See more details on education below.   
7. Enlightenment
An enlightened person will do research in all dimensions of social activities. We research everything within the Universe and a self-sustained city. Hence we are a Universe-city. Researchers will be well supported to focus on their research of interest. Even sex research will be conducted. Many family problems have as their root cause sex, so we have to understand it and use it properly.The University will model Chaturashram: Brahmacharya, Garhastya, Banaprastha, and Sannyas. Brahmacharya is the time of life up until self-realization. Only after self-realization, the person is allowed to marry. He must know himself before taking responsibility for others. Garhastya is the time of rearing your children until they get their first child. After that, the person enters Banaprastha, the stage where the person gains more freedom for spiritual practice. At the last step, the Sannyas, the person no longer needs to work and can dedicate himself entirely to spiritual practice. There will also be the opportunity to skip family life altogether and focus on spiritual practice. This will help the student becomes Sannyas early on in life, and they will be ready to do great social work.Education is an essential part of our life. We have to find the best way to a peaceful life. It is not only for getting a certificate or a job but, most importantly, to gain wisdom. With wisdom, wealth will come quickly, and we won’t need to have any fears. 


Wisdom means fulfilling knowledge, proper knowledge, ultimate ability, and knowing the absolute truth. Self-realization is the starting point to connect with cosmic knowledge, and enlightenment is the merging with cosmic, ultimate knowledge.

When we chew on the sugarcane and feel the taste of its juice and spit out the waste product of the sugarcane, is it possible for us to share in words the experience of the taste of the juice? The experience is exclusive to the individual self who drinks it. What we can describe in words is like sharing the taste of the waste product of sugarcane. The experience of fresh sugarcane juice is like absolute truth and wisdom (Brahma Gyan).
The waste product of sugarcane is the visible matter which is physically present in front of us and what we can describe, which gives incomplete knowledge. What we can explain in words has the same limits as the waste from the sugarcane. Words alone can never replace what we can learn from an experience, as this would lead to incomplete knowledge. The explanation of terms can help us reach absolute truth, but only if it is expressed by a person that has lived that experience and can convey it with the right feelings. Only then can the student start to get a taste of truth. If a teacher expresses the words without any experience of what he is saying, he will mislead students and lead them astray from the truth. If the students have more experience than the teacher, they will stop listening and silently leave.

Our method follows the Gurukul education system, which was developed during Vedic times. The Gurukul has a seven-step program. The first five steps take the student through a purification process to create a strong foundation before real education starts. The last two steps are where the research begins. Its primary
purpose is to support the development of the Global Family Home. The first five steps are missing in the modern education system. What is also often missing is an enlightened teacher who has real-life experience of what he is teaching and understands the absolute truth.

 1. The student learns to take care of himself and becomes self-dependent.
2. The student removes his ego and becomes egoless.
3. The student develops a strong personality.
4. The student starts gaining knowledge through wisdom.
5. The student reaches self-realization.
6. The student is assigned an enlightened guru/teacher for his education.
7. The enlightened student is now ready for research and uses their mother’s quality in every research. The children start regular school when they turn seven years old. Before then, they just played. There will be no age limit in the classes; if some students progress faster, they can go directly to the next higher class. The student will stay in school for about eleven years. The student will study according to their passion and talents, but a particular subject is required for everybody so that the government may approve the school. 

Land and building prospect

There has already been a lot of work done for the plans to buy land next to the Iloo village in the Purulia District in West Bengal. This place is near the Jharkhand State Border and lies 310 km west of Kolkata. Negotiations with the landowner have been going on for several years, and both parties favor making a deal. What remains to be defined is the funding of the project. The estimated total price for the project can be found in the Financial Projections below. The land prospect is green and beautiful, with a size of 1.2 km2, and can be reached by airplane from Ranchi Airport, which is 90 km away. It is placed very close to a large river. The soil is fertile, and various vegetation can be used for different purposes to reap maximum benefits.
Some information on the surrounding area:
– Water level 20 feet
– Borewell 25 feet
– Handicraft item: Mukhosh
– Population small
– Most income is from agriculture.

The plan is to have a forest and a wall around the Global Family Home to protect it from outside people and animals. There will be organic agriculture to grow different crops like rice, potato, and cotton. There will also be an organic garden to grow fruits and vegetables. There will be domestic animals and a Gosala. We will create an industry for handicrafts and households.All excess from our products that cannot be used for ourselves will be sold or given away outside the Global Family Home. There will be many buildings. There will be a barn for agriculture. There will be a temple for puja and meditation in the middle of the Global Family Home University. There will also be a larger university house dedicated to education. Next to it will be an area dedicated to leisure activities comprising a sports field, a gym, and a pool.
Many houses of wood and natural material will be built to accommodate about 100 families with a nearby playground. A guest house will be created for the guests and temporary volunteers. The permanent volunteers and the seekers will have a dedicated campus. The higher spiritual seekers and the organizing committee can share another campus, while the higher monks live separately from the others for their more profound spiritual practice (Sadhana).
A series of houses will be built for people who need more support. The elderly and orphans can live together in solid homes. There will also be houses for disabled people, widows, and exceptionally gifted people who need more time for their passion. Men and women will live apart as long as they are not married. At the entrance, guards will be controlling what and who is passing. Inside the Global Family Home, there will be no money, use of mobile phones, or internet access. That will be restricted to the office, which will be placed at the university entrance. People can come to the office if they need to use the internet. 

The Costs

The project’s total cost is estimated to be 1000 Crore, equal to 155.3 million USD as of 11/2-18 currency rate. Much less funding is needed for the project to get started. In the project’s first stage, only land, agriculture, and a few houses are enough to get started. Over timeUniversityll get more self-sustained, and the work on the project will become cheaper and cheaper. The prospect land is by the road at Igloo village, the white area on the map with a UPC logo.



Transport and nearby cities from the land prospect:

Place Name Distance by road (km)
City Ranchi 90
City Ranchi (via Koncho Silli) 67
City Ayodyha Pahad 25
City Bokaro 80
City Tata 95
Railway station Torang Rly Station 2.5


Financial projection

1. Land Rs. 20.00 Cr.
2. Land Development Rs. 10.00 Cr.
3. Boundary Wall Rs. 25.00 Cr.
4. Landscape Rs. 10.00 Cr.
5 Drainage Rs. 6.00 Cr.
6. Electric Rs. 100.00 Cr.
7. Water Supply Rs. 50.00 Cr.
8. Greenery Rs. 10.00 Cr.
9. Temple Rs. 100.00 Cr.
10. Bridge & Water body Rs. 50.00 Cr.
11. Meditation Hall Rs. 10.00 Cr.
12. Sadhu Nibas Rs. 5.00 Cr.
13. Orphanage Rs. 5.00 Cr.
14. Needy-age Rs. 5.00 Cr.
15. Old Age Home Rs. 5.00 Cr.
16. Office & Staff Quarters Rs. 5.00 Cr.
17. Guard Room & Checking Rs. 5.00 Cr.
18. Library Rs. 5.00 Cr
19. Handicraft, Cotton, Household Industry Rs. 200.00 Cr.
20. Stall Rs. 10.00 Cr.
21. Global Health Home Rs. 50.00 Cr.
22. Global Education University Rs. 50.00 Cr.
23. Residence for 100 families Rs. 50.00 Cr.24. Guest House Rs. 25.00 Cr.
25. Agricultural Khamar, Stock Room Rs. 25.00 Cr.
26. Hostel Rs. 25.00 Cr.
27. Gymnasium Rs. 5.00 Cr.
28. Roads Rs. 100.00 Cr.
29. Restaurant Dining Hall Rs. 10.00 Cr.
30. Toilets Rs. 5.00 Cr.
31. Parking Rs. 3.00 Cr.
32. Unforeseen Rs. 5.00 Cr.
Grand Total Rs. 1000.00 Cr.

Heartily Donations

If you believe in our cause, we will go gladly accept heartfelt gifts. Please donate to us here. E-mail: sunyogiindia@gmail.comOffice address:
Lachhipur, Harinagar,
721232, Paschim Medinipur
West Bengal, India


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