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Course Coordinator Worldwide

Jonathan Charpentier

Phone: +1 (612) 670-2264 (Whatsapp)


Language: English, French, little German

Course Coordinator India



Phone: +91 99185 07195 (+Whatsapp)

Language: Hindi and English

Universal Peace Centre President


Smita Chatterjee


Language: English, Hindi, and Bengali


Prasenjit Sasmal

Phone: (+91) 8348986030 (Whatsapp)


Language: Bengali, little English, little Hindi

International Coordinator


Axel Johansson

Phone: +46738157961 (Whatsapp)


Language: English, Swedish, little German

Ashram driver

Swapan Tamang

Phone: (+91) 6294135646 (WhatsApp)

Language: Bengali, Hindi, little English, little Nepali

If you wish to book a cab (taxi) from/to Ashram, you will need to request some days before. The price is 5000 Rupee for a single way. Below is the picture of Swapan (Whatsapp +91 6294135646), the driver of the Ashram. Sometimes it can be another driver.

Address Ashram

(Lachhipur, Paschim Medinipur, Harinagar, West Bengal 721232, India):

The Universal Peace Centre is located in Lachhipur village, Paschim Medinipur district, Harinagar, in West Bengal, India 721232, 140 km West of Kolkata. Please get in touch with the Ashram office before coming to secure and ensure your place. Thank you!

Practical information Ashram (UPC)

The Ashram gives different courses for those interested in learning Sunyoga but is only open to residents who have passed the first levels of Sunyoga and want to delve deeper into the subject.

Most of the year, especially during the winter, we have people in the Ashram who can give Acupressure treatment, which is free. Acupressure has the potential to cure any disease, and if you like to get benefits to, contact the Ashram to see if we can help.

In close connection to the Ashram, there is a Ghosal. That is the place we take care of our cows.

The Ashram has morning and evening Aarti daily, and interested visitors are welcome to join. The morning Aarati starts around 04:15 am-5:15 am, depending on the time of the year, and the evening Aarti is from 5 pm-5:30 pm.

We are careful to have a good atmosphere in the Ashram. Therefore we require everyone that wants to stay in the Ashram to have completed the introductory or basic course in Sunyoga (levels II and III). Then you are eligible to stay for two weeks. After the two weeks, a reevaluation is taken to determine if you can prolong your stay. If you have followed the Ashram rules and done the group meditations and Pujas, the Ashram authority will grant you more time in the Ashram. If you have completed the advanced course in Sunyoga (level IV), you can stay in the Ashram for more extended.


There is a WiFi connection available to all staying in the Ashram. The use of WiFi is free of cost.

Sim Card

If you want to buy a new sim card, it would cost approximately 300/- INR (which equals US$4 or 3.75€), including talk time. You can buy it from a nearby village/city of Radhanagar (5 km from the Ashram). The easiest way to get a sim card is to buy it on arrival at the airport.

Daily Shopping

You can go to the local market not too far away to shop for basic things like shampoo, fruits, etc.

Money Exchange

Money exchange is possible only at the exchange offices or some banks in Kolkata city. It would help if you made your exchanges before you came to the Ashram.

Ashram Expenses

Daily food expenses for ten people are approximately 1000/- INR (which equals US$17.07 or 12.52€). Electricity, water, car, and Ashram maintenance cost around 25,000/- INR (which equals US$426.95 or 313.12€) per month. The Ashram also employs five maintenance workers.


The Ashram is your property. It is only running due to the incoming donations from the support of various people. A little love, a little help, or a simple contribution is wholeheartedly welcomed.

When is the best time to come?

  • Winter: mid-November – mid-February. Dry, cool/cold nights, pleasantly warm days. It is Ashram’s busiest time and best for beginners.
  • Spring: mid-February – early June. Hot during the day, with lovely warm evenings. This time is best for advanced Sunyoga practitioners.
  • Monsoon: early June – early October (can last longer). It rains often, but sunshine is also present during this season. Climate is warm and humid. This is a quieter time to visit the Ashram. Bring a raincoat, umbrella and waterproof shoes or small rubber boots.
  • Post-Monsoon: early October – early November. A little bit of rain, but the climate is still warm.

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