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Essence of Sunyoga – Practical Manual: Let the Sun Transform Your Stressful Life Into Eternal Bliss

The technique of looking with open eyes towards the sun as a form of meditation has long been a mystery, kept secret, so the strong energies we can harness from the sun would not be abused. For a long time, there have been rumors and eyewitness accounts of many eminent saints and initiates who have practiced some form of Sun Meditation, living in seclusion in remote places, such as the Himalayas. Great men like Socrates, Ramakrishna, and Jesus are all believed to have benefited from this practice. We have now reached a point where the common man can also be trusted with this powerful technique.

Why is Sunyoga so effective? This manual shows us the path and how we can use all the balancing elements of Creation to quickly and safely prepare ourselves, from the very bottom of our awareness all the way up to the highest level of Enlightenment. We learn about the 29 chakras of the body and the 13 subtle bodies, specific powers we gain through each subtle body, the ability to live without food and water, and everlasting safety from our darkest enemies.

How can we acquire superhuman strength to face any difficulty without suffering? There is a constant battle in our families, society, and nations. Where do we start if we want to see a change? Firstly we need to focus on what we can easily change: ourselves. The same turmoil we see in the outside world we also find inside ourselves. Thoughts and emotions have consequences out of our control. What if we could learn to turn negative energies into energy that will work for our benefit?

Life is so simple. We must learn to feel unconditional love for all beings from the heart. The heart is the center, a black hole, where all negativities can be dispelled in a fraction of a second. We usually feel from our emotions or our intellect. If we learn to become neutral, firstly, all our toxins will disappear, and our consciousness will reach higher stages. We will be able to connect to the Divine Wisdom and find out who we are at the core of our being. With self-realization, the Wisdom of the whole Universe will be available to us. It is our true nature.

The practice of Sunyoga has struck the heart of many. They have found balance and peace in their lives. Sunyoga has been adapted to the modern man, and it includes complete Vedic knowledge, which has been lost over the millennia and cannot be found in the scriptures anymore. People from all over the world are now on a path of self-discovery and Enlightenment by following Sunyoga principles.

Essence of Sunyoga is a manuscript dedicated to all humans. Sunyoga is much more than just looking towards the Sun, as it encompasses the entire invaluable Vedic knowledge. The book is the perfect complement for those who want to practice the Sunyoga technique developed by Sunyogi by the grace of Mahavatar Babaji. It tells practically how we can incorporate yoga into normal family life so we can be 100% healthy and perform any activity perfectly. With Sunyoga, a family man will even have better opportunities for spiritual advancement than a forest monk would.

“This invaluable treatise on Sunyoga is a huge contribution to humanity…” – D. R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Former Director General of National Human Rights Commission, Director General of Central Reserve Police Force, and Champion of Human Rights, Values and Responsibilities, New Delhi, India

“Through Sunyoga, the photons directly interact with the physical body like a two-way bio-internet, establishing direct communication with the Body-Universe system, taking the seeker to a higher realm of realization.” – Dr. Vikas Kumar, Distinguished Scientist, and Ex-Director, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Hyderabad, India.

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Autobiography of Sunyogi

Be inspired by and rejoice in the unique life of Sunyogi, the living proof we can live on solar energy alone and survive in extreme climates and temperatures with only a little clothing. In search of the greatest wisdom, he went high up among the snow peaks of the Himalayas, where he had the fortune of meeting the ageless saint, Mahavatar Babaji. Despite growing up in poverty and struggling for food and education, he found answers to our deepest existential questions and acquired an unfathomable feeling of bliss and calm.

The author reveals how he discovered the technique of looking towards and connecting with the sun, a technique that can solve any problem and provide rapid spiritual progress. We are guided through all Indian states in his six-year-long barefoot walk, introducing cultures, yogis, and spiritual concepts.

Sunyogi’s adventurous life will make your journey to perilous and scarcely known places, where he constantly fought for his life against fanatics, black magicians, and wild animals. His rich life experience, together with deep introspection, has shaped his philosophy, from which anyone can learn fundamental teachings.

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