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Welcome to beginner Sunyoga every Sunday in Lucknow.
Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact: Prashant Bhatt
Mobile: +919324269483 (Whatsapp)

Sunyoga Level 3 course

Teacher: Axel Johansson

Place: Sunyoga Ashram UPC Lachhipur, West Bengal, India

Dates: 14-16 October

Contact: Prasenjit

Phone: (+91) 8348986030 (Whatsapp)


Language: English with Hindi translation

Date: ?

Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm IST (India)  5-6pm CET Europe

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nitin Nayak MD

Dr Nitin Sunyoga presentation

Topic: “Body-Mind Connection” 


Dr. Nitin Nayak, MD

Country: India

Dr. Nitin Nayak, MD, is an eco spiritual leader, integrated medicine physician, certified yoga teacher and NLP trainer, NFNLP USA.

He is founder of AHA, Anubhuti Healing Awareness programs using bodywork, Tao Tibetan yoga and movement meditation for healing and awakening. He leads sexuality and awakening workshops using spiritual and emotional release. A pioneer in body wisdom and psychology, he utilizes body as tool for emotional healing. As an integrative doctor, he uses western and eastern modalities like rebirthing, emotional release, EFT, deep tissue myofascial therapy, medical Qi Gong, spa and bodywork therapies, movement, art, sound and dance, Tao Tibetan practices and meditations.

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If you like to organize a course or want to know other possibilites to learn Sunyoga, you can contact our Sunyoga coordinator:

Whatsapp: +33 662 174 790


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