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What is Agnihotra?

Agnihotra, in Sanskrit, Agni -Fire- and Hotra -offering-, is included in the Indian ancient four Vedas, part of the Ayurveda, the Science -Veda- of Life -aju-, first medicine in the world with over 5000 years history. Agnihotra is a great Fire ceremony performed in the morning at Sunrise and in the evening at Sunset for the benefit of Humanity.

The Fire ceremony is prepared with ghee, rice, and dried organic cow dungs that will be burnt in a conductive pyramidal pot of copper, with an inverted geometrical shape capturing and reflecting energy back thoroughly. At the moment occurring before performing Agnihotra, we sing chantings such as Prabhu Mere Jeevan, which celebrates the Sun or other sacred chants widening our heart opening and respect, an important conscious mindset creating a good atmosphere. Then, the Fire is lightened with a candle five minutes before Agnihotra offering time.

At the very Sunrise lapse of time where the Sunray lights first start to touch mother Earth, the moment of Sunrise when the highest extreme electromagnetic field is coming to the Earth, we give offerings to the divine Fire God. With rice placed on the ring and middle fingers of our right hand, pushed with the thumb, we respectfully and openhearted offer sacred grains preferably mixed with ghee- to the divine Fire while chanting. Sounds of Om Surya, Gayatri, and Servesam mantra chanted is a very important part of the ceremony.

Aum Surya Swaha

Idam Surya Idam Na Mamaha

Aum Prajapataye Swaha

Idam Prajapataye Idam Na Mamaha

Aum Paramatmay Swaha

Idam Paramatmay Idam Na Mamaha

Aum Prajapataye Swaha Idam Prajapataye, Prajapataye is Father of God, the Creator. We are offering to the Creator, and through him to the Cosmos. Idam Na Mamaha It does not belong to us. We are offering it to Cosmos.

Aum Paramatmay Swaha Idam Paramatmay, Atma is our inner Cosmos, Paramatma is the Universal Cosmos, we are offering to the Cosmic Consciousness

Idam Na Mamaha. It does not belong to me. I am offering it to Cosmic Energy. We altogether chant the Gayatri Mantra. Idam Na Mamaha It belongs to Gayatri (Veda mata). It does not belong to me.

Gayatri Mantra
Aum Bhur Bhuvah Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat Svaha

Aum is the three important parts of the Creation, Akaar, Ukaar, Makaar, manifestation, preservation, dissolution, and the ultimate cosmic sound. Aum Surya Swaha Surya is the Sun. Svaha is the exact moment when we make the rice offering. Through the Sun, we are offering to the Cosmos. Idam Surya Idam Namaha, which means it belongs to the Sun, does not belong to me. What we get from the Sun, we offer back to the Sun.

Then, we chant the Servesam mantra.

Servesam Swastur Bhavatu
Servesam Shantir Bhavatu
Servesam Purnam Bhavatu
Servesam Mangalam Bhavatu

Serve Bhavantu Sukina
Serve Shantu Niramaya
Serve Bhadrani Pasyantu
Ma Kachit Dukha Bha Bhave x3

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti
Hari Aum Tatsat x3

The created atmosphere offers everyone the occasion to meditate on the divine Fire in a good inner and outer purified environment. Watch the Fire God, expand yourself to the Fire God, and pray to the Fire God for Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Good Health, unconditional Love, and Enlightenment for the individual, for all of us, and for the whole of humanity. Pray your individual prayer to the divine Fire God to burn away all the darkness from our life, negative aspects, negative karma, and negative judgments to purify us for the betterment and best wishes. We pray to the Fire God to give us Peace, Prosperity, Good Health, Wisdom, unconditional Love, and Enlightenment. Pranam to the Fire God. Thanks to the Fire God for the nice experience. An important and strong cosmic electromagnetic field is created together with the natural and good magnet atmosphere from the cow dung and the fire electromagnetic field. The Sunlight touching the Earth and the Fire electromagnetic fields are connecting and expanding very fast, resulting in a globe of 12 kilometers with all-around environmental impact. Agnihotra is helping everyone in that area experience inner balance and enhanced nature. There are so many dimensions and domains covered by Agnihotra.

Agricultural viewpoint

Occasionally one can be surprised when performing in nature how animals are attracted; in Malaysia, for example, injured foxes approach and enjoyed the fire to heal. Agnihotra is performed on the energy level like the sounds at a certain pitch generating a certain energy field which can even cut the glass. One of the pieces of evidence of Agnihotra is a toxic waste where one of the close-by villages was safe from being contaminated thanks to the practice. As another example, Agnihotra and cow dung are utilized for farm cultivation, one level higher than organic. To fertilize fields, the UPC ashram uses cow dung, ghee, cow urine, Agnihotra ashes, and jaggery in specific proportions. Agnihotra ceremony purifies the outer atmosphere; at sunrise, when darkness is removed, and light comes in, many present viruses and poisons are growing particularly fast at that time. These negative viruses and infections are totally removed by Agnihotra. In addition, ashes can also be used for plants and trees which are not growing properly. As a fertilizer and pesticide together, it helps in giving fruits and flowers.

In Sunyoga we learn Yama, Niyama, Asana from the 8 Ashtanga steps of Yoga. One fully integrates these latter steps at the point when one reaches enlightenment. Sunyogi teaches practical 5P’s action steps toward this level of realization. As explained above, when practicing correctly the 5P’s the 5 elements get balanced automatically. Still, we need to focus on practices for convergence. When we focus on our practice, we give our 2%, and the Universe, the divine Sun, gives us the remaining 98%. In our relationship with God, so much more is returned to us whenever we show our willingness.

Spiritual viewpoint

Agnihotra Universal spiritual practice purifies our inner atmosphere as well. Sunyogi explains that anything we do in life can be ritual or spiritual, depending on how we apply our awareness. We either do our social work for our own benefit or selflessly for the benefit of many in connection with the almighty. Unconditional love, Karma, Seva, knowledge, and meditation lead us to spirituality. Selfishness uniquely leads to rituality.

The difference resides in our applied awareness and relates to the 5P’s and to the 5 elements. Agnihotra practice with prevailing Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space elements is a very good opportunity to get into meditation in a well-prepared environment.

Consciously, with Patience balancing the Earth element, we wait for the right time, the very tiny frequency window when we make the offerings to the divine Fire God. Patience is necessary for our Karma completion. How much we are tortured, still we are carrying on. Mothers have patience in caring for their children. Patience is important for all successes and solutions. Patience is the Earth element of Awareness expansion.

Punctuality the exact time is required for the offering, not one second after, one second before. When performing every day at the same time, at the same place, meditation or any work will call us without even thinking of it, then inducing stress-free planned actions. Punctuality is balancing the Water element. Similarly to water emerging from the mountain’s source and reaching the ocean, not even a barrage would stop it. Any amount of blockage in our life, we should not stop. We shall reach the ocean, we will reach our goal. Perfection in offering and serving comes from the heart, perfection does not originate from the intellect. With patience and punctuality, make it perfect by the heart. First, feel, love, and then give through the heart, which automatically and silently develops inside perfection altogether with heart Chakra opening.

Perfection is the Air element. Air is all around, even inside solid parts. Air is very punctual. In any little tiny place, the air is present in a similar way as many blockages in our life; with just a little air hole, we diligently finish our work up to the end, closing task by task one after the other. Life struggle or challenge is uniquely a test of how we can overcome and learn from them about ourselves and humankind. Completed work behind our success is waiting, conferring to the Newton motion law, every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

Purification during the Agnihotra ceremony is happening inside through patience, punctuality, deep from the heart, and with the fire-burning offerings outside. Purification is the Fire element cleansing all our negativities, all our negative thoughts leading to the attainment of Samadhi states.

Pleasantness is the result of balancing the Space element. Satisfaction and peace from being connected to cosmic consciousness in the attainment of Samadhi balance the 5 elements creating our good Karma from a 100% awareness from the heart. Being continuously connected with the cosmic consciousness is what is called Enlightenment.

Nanotechnology viewpoint

Agnihotra is a complete science or, more exactly, a combination of 3 sciences, Mantra science, Fire science, and Ayurvedic science. When plants are burnt in the fire, the medicinal properties of the ayurvedic plant transform into nanoparticles purifying the air. Inhaled, it comes inside our body. In diabetes treatments or particular diseases, use selected plants to get wonderful results after a few days through stomach or blood, through the air, and through Agnihotra, immediate results are shown. All of us, all around us, are affected by sounds and vibrations. This is the mantra of science. Link to World-Wide Agnihotra time application: agnihotra app.

Healthy point of view

The cow dung is both antiseptic and antibiotic and is thus great protection to the people close to the Agnihotra ceremony getting enhanced oxygen. The respiratory system is cleansed from any poisonous germs in the body. Some may suppose smoke is a possible danger; chemical-originated smokes definitely are unhealthy, whereas natural Agnihotra smoke is very beneficial. A similar difference is perceived between drinking cosmic consciousness with toxins expelled out of the cells and drinking alcohol or smoking drugs with toxins entering into the cells. Enjoyment may seem similar, but consequences in all domains of life are nevertheless very opposite. More in Essence of Sunyoga. Measurement of oxygen in the air is 21%, increased when we perform Agnihotra, which helps in healing. Pure oxygen only is toxic, breathable air is roughly 21% oxygen; the rest is made up of nitrogen and a variety of other substances. The cow dung oxygen level in a laboratory is 21%. If the dried cow dung percentage rises from 21% to 33%, from dried form into ashes condition to 46%, and when burnt again, oxygen percentage goes from 46% to 50%. On another matter, alkaline pH is required for better organs and cell functioning, every single cell needing its own proper alkaline balance.

5.8 Bottle water
6.2 Aquaguard water (reverse osmosis)
6.5 Aquaguard water with Agnihotra ashes
6.8 Groundwater
7.0 Marth Silva
7.4 Groundwater with Agnihotra ashes (similar to 7.369 mother breast and cow milk)

For multi-virtues purposes, ashes can be put on the forehead, the Vibhuti can be swallowed directly from the pot for its alkaline benefit, can be consumed in water for healing or even mixed with pure ghee from cow’s milk and applied for various ailments, skin diseases, for animal shelters, on any blood or dried wounds, for sore throats as, just to name a few. Ashes originating from the Agnihotra ceremony clearly have tremendous high protection and multi-purpose qualities. Adding Sunlight to them, these qualities are multiplied; this is how Umasankar Sunyogi conceived Anaspati Amritam ayurvedic plant medicine by the grace of Mahavatar Babaji for protecting Humanity. Practicing Sunyoga coupled with performing Agnihotra is an explosive life recipe.

Pranam to Mahavatar Babaji, Pranam to Sunyogi Umasankar, Pranam to Amarjyoti, Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Health, Unconditional Love, and Enlightenment to All!

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