Discovery of Sunyoga

Discovery of Sunyoga

Uma Sankar Sunyogi was born into a Hindu family in West Bengal, near Calcutta in India in 1967. Living next to an ashram throughout his childhood, he developed an early interest in Yoga and spirituality. By the age of eighteen... More »

About Uma Sankar Sunyogi

About Uma Sankar Sunyogi

According to the Oxford dictionary, science is “the study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world and society (esp. through observation and experiment)”. In these terms, Uma Sankar Sunyogi ... More »


Schedule 2019


Sunyoga Vacation (Ebenthal, Austria)

Date: 7-10 June

Place: Ebenthal near Vienna


Sunyoga World Yoga Day and Motherland Day (Lachhipur, West Bengal, India)

Date: 21-22 June

Place: Lachhipur

Contact: Deepa Padmanabhan 7982030542 (WhatsApp)

Sunyoga Basic Workshop (Lachhipur/Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Date: 28-30 June

Place: UPC Ashram Lachhipur

Contact: Deepa Padmanabhan 7982030542 (WhatsApp)

Sunyoga Basic Workshop (Berlin, Germany)

Date: 19-21 July, daily from about 6:30 a.m. until about 7:00 p.m

Place: UBB Umwelt-Bildungszentrum Berlin gGmbH (Environmental Educational Center Berlin)
Kladower Damm 57, 14089 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30-20096400

Price: 146 Euro (include breakfast and lunch every day)

Contact: Alexandra Wagner

Address:  Jägerstr. 56, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: + 49 30 20647714 (land line) or + 49 176 64094685 (mobile)
Fax: + 49 30 20647798

See more details here!

Download Registration form

Sunyoga Advanced Workshop (Carintha, Austria)

Date: 28 July-3 August, arrival day and Meeting Time: Saturday 27th July 2019, at 6pm, at Bakery Wiegele, (entrance
in the court).

Place: Garden of  Bäckerei (Bakery) Wiegele, Nötsch 39
9611 Nötsch im Gailtal (Carinthia, Austria) (for outdoor activities) and
Seminar Room in Hotel Marko (next to the bakery Wiegele, for indoor activities)

Accommodation: Find out how to book room

Price: Your booked accommodation + Food between 15 and 20 € + a registration fee that will be refunded after full completion of the course) + Donations

More detailed info for registration

Michaela: +43 699 190 27 681

Sunyoga Advanced Workshop (Nis, Serbia)

Date: 7-13 August

Place: Southeastern Serbia

Logistics: All participants will come to Nis first and the instructions will be shared accordingly about the possible options for reaching the venue. 

Costs: The precise information about the costs and detailed venue explanation will be shared by the end of the March.



Text/call/viber/whatsapp +381644525035 – Wilhelmina

Sunyoga Basic Workshop -Stage basique de Sunyoga (France)

Date: 18 (evening/soir) – 21 (evening/soir) August/Août

Place: Brittany/Bretagne (exact place to be confirmed)

Langage : English, French

Logistics :   Aéroport de Nantes, Aéroport de Rennes, Gare TGV Nantes , Gare TGV Rennes

Phone numbers + Whatsapp number: , +33688238050 (Nadine Chevreul), 33686722950 (Sébastien David), Olivier Litzler +33606726853, 33650229389 (Mike)

Email: ,,

Réservation sur l’événement facebook :
(reservation on the facebook event)

Sunyoga Advanced Workshop – Stage avancé de Sunyoga (France)

Date: 23 (evening/soir) – 30 (evening/soir) August/Août

Place: Brittany/Bretagne (exact place to be confirmed)

Langage: English, French

Logistics:   Aéroport de Nantes, Aéroport de Rennes, Gare TGV Nantes , Gare TGV Rennes

Phone numbers + Whatsapp number: , +33688238050 (Nadine Chevreul), 33686722950 (Sébastien David), 33606726853 (Olivier) , 33650229389 (Mike)

Email: ,,

Réservation sur l’événement facebook :
(reservation is done on the facebook event page)

Sunyoga Advanced Workshop (Lachhipur, West Bengal, India)

Date: 21-29 September

Place: UPC Ashram Lachhipur


Deepa Padmanabhan 7982030542 (WhatsApp)

Sunyoga Basic Workshop (Allahabad/Prayagaj, India)

Date: 11-13 October

You have to reach the venue on the evening 10th October

Place: Jagamwadi Math
Daraganj ghat road
Daraganj, Prayagraj


Savita Kasar: 9223293229
MOHAN Yadav: 9167371332
Madhav Swami: +91 70074 85031
Cost: 3000/- includes accomodation and food

(Stay 10-13 October)


Universal Peace Conference 2019 France, first time in Europe


New book release: Autobiography of Sunyogi

Now is the new book Autobiography of Sunyogi available on and It is booth available as paperback and ebook. Take advantage to buy the paperback copy already today, we will have a 30% discount price the first month!

(The book in Amazon India is only available as ebook so far. It will probably take some days before will be updated and have the paperback also.)

In Autobiography of Sunyogi, the leading guru on Sunyoga guides readers through his extraordinary life-journey, recollecting people and events that have shaped his path in the material and spiritual world.
A book full of spiritual developments and insights into the ills and cures of our ego-driven society, filled with Sunyogi’s own reflections on yoga and mindfulness developed throughout his life resulting in the technique of Sunyoga and his unique concept of bringing universal peace to the world.
Reading this book will fully immerse you in his experiences: one moment you will be side-by-side with Sunyogi on a six-year walk across India, the next you will be with him during his stay on the snow-covered peaks of the Himalaya, and a moment later you will see him face brutal and harsh police treatment in an underground prison in Iran. Ever the yogi, ever the peaceful saint.

“The author is a man in full, very intelligent, courageous, compassionate and judgment-free. His spiritual experiences are many, inspiring, humbling, and deep.

Perhaps the most interesting part is the account of his travel adventures, featuring great yogis, saints and a veritable rogues gallery of brigands, black magicians, homicidal villagers, serial murderers, a shy tiger and rampaging bears. India is a very scary place, requiring constant vigilance of any would-be pilgrim.”

A software engineer from Silicon Valley

Follow step by step Sunyogi’s walk through India on a map. (click on the arrow to the right)




Deadline for arranging workshops outside India 2019

We have a deadline for those who want to arrange workshops in Sunyoga level 3 or 4, Acupressure or a seminar with Sunyogi Umasankar in Europe 2019. Sunyogi will be available outside India between April-mid June and from July to August-September.

The deadline sending in your application is: 10 October 2018 at 2pm.

Anyone who will contact us for organizing a workshop for 2019 after that date need to choose another authorized level 3 teacher and then will only Sunyoga level 3 (the basic course) be available. Feel free to contact Simone for the application to organize an event or if you have any other related question:


Phone: Leave your number on an email and you will be called back by Simone



Follow Sunyogis 6-years long walk on a map

From 1997 to 2003 did Swamiji walk through every state in India where he stayed in each state for about 3 months. This he made to research the human nature but also to spread his vision of universal peace, unity and brotherhood. During this time he had so many extraordinary experiences all this will be covered in the upcoming book that will be published soon.  Now we have collected all places he visited during his walk and you are able to follow step by step on a map where he went. By getting the upcoming book “An Autobiography of Sunyogi” you will be able read about his experiences and interactively follow his path on the map.

Click here and you can follow the walk step by step by clicking on the right arrow to the right side of the map.



The book “Essence of Sun Yoga” is now available as an e-book

You can now buy “Essence of Sun Yoga” to learn both the practical the theoretical approach to this method.

Buy it for 4.32 Euro on

or if you prefer getting it from for  a slightly higher price of 5.15 USD

We are also working to publish “Autobiography of Sunyogi” soon, keep your eyes open!

A second version is also in the making “Essence of Sun Yoga” with new additional chapters focused on scientific concepts meant for the more advanced practitioner to digest. This version will be available both as e-book and paperback. No date is set yet for the release, so be patient.


New Sunyoga Documentary: Advent of Sunyoga

COSMIC ORCHARD brings to you this “independent documentary” on ‘Advent of Sunyoga’, its roots in India and how it was discovered. The film presents the saint (Master Uma Sankar Sunyogi, also known as “Sun Yogi”) who discovered Sunyoga in 1995 in India, its aims and the high level description of the method.


A Global Family Home University

Find out more about our project of creating a Global Family Home University by reading our 17-pages information brochure here (Dream Plan in PDF)

The mission of the Universal Peace Centre is to create a self-dependent and self-sustainable Global
Family Home University (GFHU). We need to become self-dependent in order to gain control
of what can pollute our environment and create disturbance and toxins in our life and body. This
is vital for having an efficient purification and education system thanks to which we can resolve
all our problems in life.

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