*Satsang: Sanskrit word that can be translated as “gathering together for the Truth”. Sat: Truth, as in for example Sat-Chit-Ananda: Truth- Consciousness- Bliss.

The online meeting is the opportunity to connect and spiritually grow together within the Sunyoga family. This time, people joined from new countries, USA (Central America, Minnesota, Chicago), Malaysia, and Korea, in spite of their respective UTC-6, UTC+9, UTC+11 time zones. A few Malaysians joined although it was night there. 

The subjects brought forward this Sunday were about organizing meditation group, focus on third eye and connection beyond the Sun, Ayurvedic medicine, Nature education through Corona, FQ the Feeling Feel-o-sophy Quotient, important thoughts records in subconscious, and physical awareness expansion. 

Sunyoga Meditation groups 

Video-conferences are good but meeting in-live is to prefer. Malaysian, Korean, French, Austrian have regular meetings for groups practicing Sunyoga. When we don’t have such events in our own local area, we may better organize it ourselves. It could be done through Meetup, creating a group of specific interest is a good way to gather people. Other social media like Facebook can also be used.

A regular serious practitioner shared with emotions his gratitude to Sunyoga’s life changing practice. Experiencing and feeling vibrations on Chakras points, the person wished to know more about the science behind it, through Sunyoga. He has had similar experience in other yogic paths. 

When we start it is best to focus uniquely on one practice to ensure we experience the greater benefits of it and truly give a chance to go deep instead of performing several parallel techniques. There is no end to how much research we can do in any real practice so you will have enough to do in the rest of your lifetime whatever you choose

Then, a participant shared his experience on how profound answers to the self-inquiry “Who I am?” made his life path very clear, gaining wisdom and realisation. 

Grateful to Sunyogi’s efforts, Diamond from Malaysia wishes we contribute to make the world a better place, sharing wisdom gained from Sunyoga to everyone and embracing our responsibilities. 

Focus on third eye and connection beyond the Sun, and Sunyoga as our food 

Someone asked about third eye instructions: looking up with a certain angle, through Ajna Chakra, it is sometimes frustrating not seeing anything. Is then the intention itself of having a gaze up at the third eye while meditating sufficient? It was answered that looking up as high as possible is good, without expectations, without thinking if we can see something. Higher awareness is beyond the Sun and connects to the Ultimate. Sun is not the Ultimate. Without expectation, with an open heart, it is possible to go into deeper awareness and higher frequencies.

In current situations and busy challenging times, we may miss the opportunity to practise. Although we are committed to do our best efforts reaching the goal of realization and are well determined. What can we do? Sunyogi answered: Sunyoga is an important food in our life and better work can be done thanks to a quiet and stable mind. Someday, even if the mind is ready, in case of external disturbances or poor weather conditions, we may physically miss our time of Sun Meditation, but we do not mentally and spiritually miss it, as we always have Cosmic Connection. When possible, when the opportunity comes again to practice, we should not miss the important food at that time and be ready to take advantage when the Sun is back. We need a calm and cool mind and adequately do our duty. That is the way for great success. 

Someone shared about losing himself in Sunyoga noon time practice, with a feeling of a sleeping state, not remembering and losing track of time. Sunyogi answered: This is quite a common experience. If we all the time had opened eyes, it is a sign that consciousness was expanded from physical body awareness, and had gone beyond to a higher consciousness connection. This means the physical body was at rest. 

How the higher Chakras can be experienced and reached step by step through sincere Yoga practice was asked. Sunyogi stated the importance of not jumping, as the base of a Chakra is a very important step to consolidate. A confirmation is needed before going higher. Until we have direct experience, we do not know how many Chakras there are. In normal life, while not sitting for meditation, pressure on Sahasrara Chakra and Ajna Chakras is not a problem. It is a very good experience. This pressure can happen whenever we are 100% present. 

Workshop in USA, and mention on Pandemic

Sunyogi said to accept a concrete invitation by a responsible person applying for a visa and all necessary arrangements, to any country. Then, Diamond Yong was thanked for the contributed statues to UPC. 

We got confirmation that the pandemic in India has decreased. We learnt that the Malaysian group has made an investigation on corona consequences, and the result is that none of them so far has been infected by this virus. Sunyogi explained that the Corona outbreak is a sign we have lost our awareness and self-confidence. Nature knows how and when to give a lesson, and Covid19 can be seen as one kind of lesson to humanity. But the actual context is that we are ignorant and it does not solve the situation. A little bit more attention and alertness is required to make us aware and we would understand and learn the lesson from the Coronavirus.  

Ayurvedic Amritam products 

With the grace and blessings of Mahavatar Babaji, Sunyogi has innovated Ayurvedic medicine products, Vanaspati Amritam part I and Vanaspati Amritam part II. License has been authorized for part I. Part I medicine is specifically for Covid prevention and curation and is balancing 8 elements; part II is stronger and more general. It can cure all viruses and even cancer and is balancing 12 elements. Both are still produced, but mostly part II.

Suyogi investigations are always directed to reaching the source. Solution is easy as often the mind is the source. When health is concerned, our emotions and reproductive glands for life energy are the source of our disease. If any of each organ heart, lungs or liver fail, we cannot survive. The Vanaspati Amritam II balances all 12 elements. The ingredients are subtly mixed with specific percentage: Sun Energy, Agnihotra Fire Energy, Thought Energy, Copper Bhasmya, Giloy Powder, Agnihotra homa ashes, Raw Honey, Amalki, Turmeric, Neem, Ashwagandha, Rock Salt powders. 

Composition is made of natural plants without any negative side-effects. This is the main difference with chemicals in modern medicines that often give rise to negative sides. Ayurvedic traditional medicine is to be taken as prescribed by chewing with the patient’s own saliva, which is the most important element in processing and absorbing the Vanaspati Amritam. Taking pills all year long is possible; the 21 days protocol protects our health for 6 months. It is meant to be ingested at different phases of the day after drinking a glass of water. Then, chew Vanaspati Amritam for full preventive and curative results. 

Vanaspati Amritam Part II, gives support to the brain and kidneys, boosts the immune system for cancer and for leukemia, for any chronic disease, even hair growth, skin diseases. This ayurvedic medicine is not only efficient for one specific disease, but for all common diseases. We all have different needs in oxygen. Some cells need more or less oxygen, and do not require the same oxygen proportion. Natural herbs medicine protects all cells. Amritam medicine energy goes into each and every cell to give full support, distribute exactly what is necessary, no more, not less without negative side effects. 

The meaning of Amritam, from Sanskrit Amṛtam immortal, is nectar.

On-line orders to India are possible with some lead time. Shipping inside India is currently occuring, while shipping to Europe is still not yet an option.  

Vanaspati Amritam  

Anahata Chakra connection when far apart

Once Sunyogi leaves the coming June 23rd for retreat, Satsang will continue with connection to Babaji and Sunyogi, and with their protections but without Swamiji physical presence. It works the same as the internal connection between parents and children, which is existing forever and ever. When a child leaves home for study or for work, first then the parents realize how much they feel for them, how much they love them. The internal connection is the most important one we need to focus on, more important than the physical. How far we have been physically separated does not matter. The most important is our heart connection, the strongest link to consolidate.

Trying to find solutions through our intellect is limited. Most of us think Devas are God. Devas are not God. Ultimate divine is God. God is beyond the Devas (divine, our intellect expanding energy) and beyond Asura (evil, our emotions and contracting energy). They are always fighting each other, neither Asura nor Deva are stable, as often our emotions are catching our intellect. It is happening inside us and symbolically outside of us. God is stable, Anahata Chakra is stable. 

We focus on the North Pole or South Pole, but we are missing the Centre Pole, Anahata Chakra, the most important part. We need to feel from the heart to get connection; to get connected from the intellect alone is not possible. We can travel and go on that path but we will not reach to the Ultimate, which requires unconditional love. If we perform positive Karma alone, only the Devas part is done, and it is a limitation. Whereas with unconditional Love, from Heart to Heart, we reach ultimate permanent solutions. Feeling from the heart is the only way to get the right direction. 

Emotions and Intellect are also required, they are our South and North Pole. However, without a centre pole connecting South and North poles, there is no ultimate connection possible. Anahata is the most important, we have to feel from the Heart.

We developed measurements of the Intelligence Quotient IQ and Emotional Quotient. Feeling with the heart is a different kind of Intelligence, a higher form of intelligence. We are feeling from the intellect, we are feeling from the emotions. But once again, the most important is to feel frequencies from the Heart, from the Heart Chakra. Intuition is only a small part of it, Heart feeling is the most complete. More is explained on Feel-osophy in Essence of Sunyoga page 249.

Important thoughts recorded in Subconscious

During meditation, important thoughts and ideas can come that we do not want to forget. We might wonder if we should note them down, as we also wish to maintain our focus on meditation. We should not worry, as if the thoughts are of real importance, they will be remembered after practice so that we do not need to write them down. If something important is coming to our mind, no need to stop meditating, thoughts are being recorded and stocked in the subconscious mind. At the right time, what is really important, will come back to give us the right directions. If you catch interesting things which are also recorded and focus on them instead, one by one, you would miss more important ones. It is like the side-roads when travelling. Of course exploring side roads can also be enjoyed, depending on our personal definition of the individual and collective path. Determination would be symbolized by the main road, the fast track motorway, and the multiple side-roads as distractions slowing us down from the destination. What is coming, do not attach, do continue travelling. That would be the best support to reach a higher level of knowledge and wisdom. 

Physical awareness expanded

What is the significance of no thoughts in a deep meditation state, and all of a sudden the mind disappearing? When we cannot catch our mind, it means connection is with our subconscious mind, and we cannot see our mind. This is good significance as our physical identity at that time is going away. We connect to our internal and real identity, so we cannot catch our mind nor our thoughts. Meditation is not given by somebody, it cannot be done, it is happening. We need to be 100% in the present moment, that is the real meditation. 

In the first times going into Samadhi stage, we are not able to connect both to the present moment and to the Cosmic Consciousness at the same time. Our physical awareness has not expanded that much yet. Later in our progress, in the enlightenment stage, when our physical awareness is expanded beyond the physical, we can simultaneously be here and there together. A meditative state will happen without trying, that is the real meditation. 

During Swamiji retreat, there is still no planned advanced workshop as we don’t have any teacher for that yet. But there are still a few months before Sunyogi departure, so if a teacher is found, that will be told. Two Advanced is now scheduled one in mid February and one in Lachipur May 3- 9 in UPC ashram. See link: Workshops 2021 Schedule for India.

“Thanks to all of you, thanks to all of us” Sunyogi concludes.

Pranam to Mahavatar Babaji, Pranam to Amarjyoti, Pranam to Sunyogi UmaSankar Lotus Feet. 

Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Health, Unconditional Love, and Enlightenment to All.

Satsang on Sundays at 8:30pm Indian Standard Time (UTC +5:30) Join Meeting: https://zoom.us/SUNYOGA SATSANG  ⏲️ for other time zones, 12:00 am (UTC +9) the next day (Monday): Korea, Japan  11:00 pm (UTC +8): Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia  8:45 pm (UTC +5:45): Nepal  6 pm (UTC+3): Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Belarus  5 pm (UTC +2): Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa  4 pm (UTC +1, Central Europe): France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Algeria  3 pm (UTC 0, Western Europe): United-Kingdom, Portugal, Morocco, Iceland  10 am (UTC -5, Eastern Time): Montréal, New York, Colombia, Peru  9 am (UTC -6, Central Time): Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Mexico, Costa Rico  8 am (UTC -7, Mountain Time): Phoenix, Denver, Edmonton  7 am (UTC -8, Pacific Time): Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver  5 am (UTC -10): Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia 

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