The year started with New Year Celebration in the ashram. Sunyogi visited Jaydeb Kenduli Mela Baul Festival with Amarjyoti Babaji 13-15 January Mahavatar Babaji Statue Inaguration Cermoni with Yogiraj Amarjyoti 18-19 January One of the greatest moments of Universal Peace CentreContinue Reading

Because of the coronavirus pandemic starting in the end of 2019, Sunyogi went into deep meditation to figure out how to develop an effective medicine for microbial infection. He received a formula for better health for humanity from Mahavatar Babaji.Continue Reading

On every Sunday we have now online Satsangs. This will be a time where we can share our thoughts about Sunyoga or Yoga in general, discuss the purpose and goal of UPC and if someone has questions, we will findContinue Reading

Sunyogi is now away on his yearly retreat in Himalaya between 20 November – 20 December. If you have any questions send them to anyone listed here.Continue Reading

Universal Peace Conference Shirdi 2020 On March 13-15, the 20th Universal Peace Conference was held in Shirdi, Mahshastra. People from all parts of India and from many different countries joined together to take part in this conference. A large groupContinue Reading

Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters of the Universe, we are happy to inform you that the 20th Universal Peace Conference will take place in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India, on 13-15 March 2020. We, the Universal Peace Center Trust, are cooperating with Sai Baba Temple Trust to organize this eventContinue Reading