The meeting started with chanting followed by a brief presentation of all participants.

We discussed the topic of Sunyoga practise in the absence of Sun during winter times when living in a place closer to the polar regions. The Sun is always available, even if the clouds shade it. We can still practise Sun Meditation and other alternative meditations are also helpful for our Sadhana.

Next, it was asked if Brahma Murtham changes in winter when the sunrise time changes? It was concluded it stays the same all around the year, from 3:00am-5:00am. Brahma Muhurta is the time with the highest energy level for meditation during the day, the peak energy time for the lungs. 

The group discussed what we can do to keep us committed to our practice and it was said that writing down a schedule helps as well as plan to do the activities together in a group. Then it was mentioned that for success in life it is important to write a diary including goals. This detail has clearly been a difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Other examples shared were doing social work, attending Satsang and reading inspiring books. 

A question was raised about how the practice of walking meditation is done, like Sunyogi did in the Himalayas? Swamiji gave his explanation that meditation takes longer than Sun Meditation to free the mind from thoughts and get the internal connection. However, he accomplished this and he lost the sense of coldness in that very freezing cold environment, felt oneness, comfortness and inner peace. He had no expectation, the mind was surrendered to Cosmos and he could do deeper searching. His walking pace was increased naturally until he had a balanced speed with no thought about how that happened. This could never happen if not the basic Yama, Niyama and Asana were in place for him.

His walking journey was also a kind of meditation but with a clear intention to it, testing and gaining more experience on Universal Peace and Global Family. It was more about gaining experience instead of creating imaginary beliefs. It takes strong discipline, but when you are ready, nature will challenge you and you will encounter critical harmful situations that you have confidence to solve. For meditation 100% awareness is necessary.

The purpose of the Satsang was discussed. It was concluded that it should be open for anyone to join, provided they have a sincere and serious interest in Sunyoga and not divert the mind of the group somewhere else.

The participants talked about plans for workshops in upcoming Springtime. Due to uncertainties of the current situation, workshops in Europe can not be determined yet. Preliminary plans in India for upcoming workshops have been done for several courses before Sunyogi leaves on his 3-year retreat.

Jonathan raised the question how we can adjust to ongoing friction and changes in the world? He felt a sense of urgency as the conflicts seemed to escalate. As a result, some may question themselves if it is sustainable to have a peaceful future at one´s current place for living, which might be in turmoil. You may think of moving to a place of peace like India and UPC ashram or  another place of higher consciousness. Or do we simply need to become stronger and manage to live where we are? 

Sunyogi explained where we live does matter but most important is inner peace. If we don’t have inner peace, it will not matter where we live. We will bring our unsettled mind there and become unhappy.  If we can not purify our inner land, where we are, nowhere we can purify it. 

If we choose to live near the river, this will be 10 times a better place, if at the mountain tops, even 10 times better, near the ocean additionally 10 times better, and even better if we choose to live near both ocean and mountains together. However, absolut best is when the mind is still, satisfied and self-content. Where to live is not as important, India, USA or Europe. Our inner land is important. Of course India has much natural protection and a good atmosphere, as long as we can protect ourselves. In our motherland, if we do not protect ourselves and our inner nature, how could we successfully do it anywhere else? The most important thing is the internal land.

We need to take care of our motherland and respect it. There is a reason we are in our motherland and we need to figure out how we can help it. If not, how can we respect other motherlands? If so, we lack something in our spiritual journey and we may fall down. We need to raise up our awareness to bring Universal peace. 

It is our ignorance that creates corruption, our ignorance gives corrupt people and organizations an opportunity to grow. If we cannot remove our ignorance, we cannot be safe anywhere. If our ignorance is removed, everywhere in the world we will be protected. Everywhere we would feel like we are at home. The Cosmos is protecting all countries, the whole Humanity. Most important is our inner heart. 

Sunyogi shared about his revelations received from Babaji at his most recent retreat. He acquired deeper knowledge and comprehension of Asuras (evil) and Devas (divine) forces. The relationship between them is very close and they share many attributes. Same as humans, most of our DNA is the same, we only differ to a small extent. Devas and Asuras have a similar nature, both are good meditators or Sadhaks. The difference is how they are balanced. Asuras have no patience, they want to eat the fruits as fast as possible, by this they are breaking the natural law. They spoil the fruits, hence rotting everything around them and bring huge pain to their life. Devas are constant and patient, respectful of nature to offer fruits when time has come, eventually going back to their own kingdom.

Then are Devas and God the same? Devas dwell in Sahasrara Chakra, they are our intellect, mind, discrimination of knowledge (Viveka), and are always trying to connect to Nature. Muladhara Chakra is the place for Asuras, they are our emotions. When they are too much out of balance, we forget our intellect and surrounder to emotions, sex, anger, greed and addiction. We lose our pure thoughts and the Asuras wins. If the intellect and emotion are in stillness and balanced, in Devas place, we are protected. Yet both Asuras and Devas are needed. The Asuras, evil energy is needed to prevent us from laziness. We need someone to kick our back and they are sending us a repelling force in the right direction. Without those emotions, we would stay in one place. So emotions are not wrong, extreme uncontrolled emotions are. They are important to use and necessary for peaceful life, but they need to be kept at a controlled and balanced level. Then the emotions are our friends and protect us. Sometimes, the emotion goes higher, sometimes intellect goes higher, or vice versa. This is not the solution. Meditation with Newton’s 3rd law is a solution, every action has an equal and opposite solution.

What is God’s place? When intellect and emotions are totally neutral, then a peaceful atmosphere and inner feeling will be awakened, we expand to Cosmic nature, and a rhythm starts in Anahata Chakra. Sun Meditation is how we can have the capacity to balance our Sasrahara Chakra and Muladhara Chakra. 

Suppose that Asura represents the forces of the Western world and Devas the East. If we are not balanced ourselves, East and West cannot connect. Devas and Asuras, Sahasrara and Muladhara, both need to connect. They need a bridge to balance their qualities, the inner and outer word. When removing all darkness, our inner life starts blooming. We create an electromagnetic field and we become like a magnet. Our dark room has totally lit up. As a result, whenever darkness comes from outside, it would be automatically dissolved and cannot exist inside to disturb us. We are enlightened inside, whatever atmosphere and country we live in. 

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