Kalpatru Festival at UPC Lachipur 2020

The 7th Kalpatru festival was recently held in Lachipur. Many people of all ages came to celebrate this special day. The day started with a flag ceremony in the early morning. Next on the program was kirtan and parikrama in the neighborhood area. A group of people from UPC started from the ashram and went from house to house to spread joy and harmony. Many temples were venerated and all the kids were getting taste of the sweet prasad which was tossed around in the air. It was great start of the day.

Furthermore, in the middle of the day the traditional Homa ceremony was conducted by two priests on UPCs rooftop. It should be noted that Swamji Umasankar had all his siblings present for the day. It was a rare moment because not often do they have time to come together. This was giving a very good atmosphere for the rest of the day.

Last but not least, thousands of people came to enjoy the delicious food that had been prepared the night before.  Unquestionably, an excellent group of chiefs had been at work. No one needed to go home hungry. All visitor could watch talented people perform in the cultural program. We were lucky to host many great musicians and dancers. The artist were both local and some came from more distant places like Kolkata and Bollywood. The audience were very impressed of the entertainment which went on for many hours ending late at night. All in all we can conclude the festival was a great success. Many people got together to take part of this glorious day.

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