Universal Peace Conference Shirdi 2020

In March 13-15 was the 20th Universal Peace Conference held in Shirdi, Mahshastra. People from all parts of India and from many different countries joined together to take part in this conference. A large group had come by train all the way from West Bengal to participate. The countries represented was India, France, Poland, Sweden, and Nepal. Experts in various areas shared their view of how we can go forward to create a more peaceful society. One important topic discussed was how we can make the youth more aware. Some teachers gave us good insight in how the youth can be helped. There were also a few younger adults getting up on stage, talking from their own experience how they had been helped. 

Another topic that was also discussed about health, about the recent Corona pandemic, what we can do to stay healthy and how serious we should take the threat of the current pandemic. Doctor Vishvanatha from Annamalai Univeristy in Tamil gave his thought on the value of school medicine and alternative medicine. Each day finished with a cultural program giving great joy to the audience.

On the last day of the conference the very much respected Dr. Kaarthikeyan came and delivered a beautiful speech how we can achieve peace in the world by taking into account many different aspects of our lives from healthy food and meditation to political influence and global governance. During the last day it was arranged a four corner debate: Science, Technology, Spirituality and Religion. We could hear four different viewpoints how to achive peace but all come to the conclusion that in reality there is no difference between each one and all aspects are needed.

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