Courses 2021

On every Sunday we have now online Satsangs. This will be a time where we can share our thoughts about Sunyoga, discuss the purpose and goal of UPC and if someone has questions, we will find a solution to them together. The meetings are scheduled every Sunday 4:00pm European time GMT+1 and 8:30pm Indian time. If you would like to join contact Nadine and she will send you information when the meetings start.

Nadine Whatsapp: +33 6 62 17 47 90


Join the meeting on Zoom:

This year the Universal Peace Conference will be held online on Zoom.

More info to come!

For more info contact:

Olivier: +33606726853 (Whatsapp)

Helen: +33679836259 (Whatsapp)

Nadine: ‘+33662174790 (Whatsapp)



MANOJ BEPARI 94779 55188

PRASENJIT  +918348986030 (Whatsapp)


To be announced later.

Ajit Gore – 8806760777
Anchalkumar Kharage – 7517760441
G. Sujata – 8380987510

A 7-day course for pratitioners who have passed Sunyoga Advanced Course Level 4.


MANOJ BEPARI 94779 55188

PRASENJIT  +918348986030 (Whatsapp)