Essence of Sunyoga (ebook)

This book provides useful guidelines for those who want to practice Sunyoga. You will find description of Sun meditation, Yama, Nyama, Asanas and relaxation techniques.

It also gives information on the 29 chakras and Chakra Jagaran, and includes information on Law of Creation of the Universe in a scientific way, explaining how Sun Yoga is linked to the Universe.

Autobiography of Sunyogi (paperback) (ebook)

“The author is a man in full, very intelligent, courageous, compassionate and judgment-free. His spiritual experiences are many, inspiring, humbling, and deep.

Perhaps the  most interesting part is the account of his travel adventures, featuring great yogis, saints and a veritable rogues gallery of brigands, black magicians, homicidal villagers, serial murderers, a shy tiger and rampaging bears. India is a very scary place, requiring constant vigilance of any would-be pilgrim.” — A software engineer from Silicon Valley

Now also in Italian language.