About the Ashram

300-250bThe Ashram is called the Universal Peace Centre.

Where is the Ashram?

The Universal Peace Centre is located in Lachhipur village, which is 140 km West from Kolkata in West Bengal, India. The Ashram is currently under construction and due to its limited accommodation capacity, it is necessary to contact the Ashram office to check if there are enough free rooms when you come to visit. We kindly ask you to read Ashram rules at the bottom of the page too. Thank you!

What is an Ashram?

See video interview of Sunyogi about the Universal Peace Centre

When to come?

Winter: mid November – mid February. Dry, cool/cold nights, pleasant warm days. It is the Ashram’s busiest time.
Spring: mid February – early June. Hot during the day, with lovely warm evenings.
Monsoon: early June – early October (can last longer). Rains often, but sunshine is also present during this season. Climate is warm and humid. This is a quieter time to visit the Ashram. Bring a raincoat, umbrella and if possible waterproof shoes or small rubber boots.
Post-Monsoon: early October – early November. A little bit of rain but the climate is still warm.


1. Car/Taxi Details

If you wish to book a cab (taxi) from / to the Ashram, you will need to request it 1 day before and you will have to pay in advance at the reception desk. Below you will find the price guide for our most common destinations. Price includes driver payment, petrol, and maintenance price. Also, night drive could include a little extra payment. Below prices in US$ and Euros €, and are an approximation only (prices are correct as of May 2014). For more accurate prices to convert below Indian Rupees into your currency please refer to this link:www.oanda.com/currency/converter/


2. Internet

There is WiFi connection  available to all staying in the Ashram. Use of WiFi is free of cost.


3. Sim Card

If you want to buy a new sim card, it would cost approximately 300/- INR (which equals US$4 or 3.75€) including talk time. You can buy it from nearby village / city of Radhanagar (5 km from the Ashram).


4. Daily Shopping

To shop for basic things like shampoo, jam, cheese or fruits, you would have to go to Ghatal or Radhanagar. We suggest foreigners to go in groups outside the Ashram and take someone who knows Bengali language.


5. Money Exchange

Money exchange is possible only at the exchange offices or in some banks in Kolkata city.


6. Books by Uma Sankar Sunyogi ™

Two books written by Uma Sankar Sunyogi ™ are available in the Ashram at the reception desk:
– Autobiography of Sunyogi (200/- INR, which equals US$3.41 or 2.5€)
– Essence of Sun Yoga India  (350/-INR, which equals US$5.97 or 4.38€)


7. Ashram Building Planning for future

As the number of visitors coming to the Ashram regularly increases, the Ashram is planning on expanding its building to welcome more people. The original plan was to have a 4-floor building. In order to build 1 room and 1 floor we require around 2.5 lakh (250,000/- INR, which equals US$4,269.50 or 3,131.24€) and 37.5 lakh (3,750,000/- INR, which equals US$64,042.60 or 46, 968.60€) respectively. On the 1st floor of the Ashram, there are 10 rooms, and to build each room the cost is around 3.75 Lakh (375,000/- INR, which equals US$6,404.26 = 4,696.86€).


8. Ashram Expenses

Daily food expenses for 10 people are approximately 1000/- INR (which equals US$17.07 or 12.52€). Electricity, water, car and Ashram maintenance cost around 25,000/- INR (which equals US$426.95 or 313.12€) per month. The Ashram also employs 4 maintenance workers.


9. Donation

The Ashram is your property. It is only running due to the incoming donations from support of various people. A little love, a little help or a simple contribution is whole-heartedly welcomed.


Due to limited accommodation capacity, the amount of people coming in groups to the Ashram is limited, so please contact the Ashram office to check if there are enough free rooms for proper accommodation.


Ashram Rules and Instructions, for the Universal Peace Centre:

1) Without filling any details on the entry form, no visitor is allowed in the Ashram.
2) For any person who is going to stay more than one day at the Ashram, you are required to fill in the entry form and reception book.
During your stay in the Ashram, please report to Ashram authorities before leaving the Ashram or going out for any purpose.
4) The Ashram has full authority to make any decisions regarding your stay at the Ashram.
5) During your stay at the Ashram, you must attend morning & evening Arati (Prayer) and morning Sun Meditation India.
6) Please take your breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the Ashram schedule.
7) The Ashram will not be responsible for any personal belongings, so please keep your belongings at a safe place.
8) Men and women are advised to respect the monastic tradition by not expressing affection for one another in the Ashram.
9) It is not allowed for men and women to stay together after 10:00 p.m.
10) It is advised to wear modest clothing such as full skirts, long pants and loose clothing. Wearing of Indian clothing is also appropriate.
11) Any misbehaviour can lead you to vacate the ashram based on the decision made by the authorities at the Ashram.
12) If anything is broken or not working, please bring it to notice of the Ashram authority.
13) Please DO NOT trust anybody except Ashram residents.
14) If you are asked to make any kind of money payment, please bring it to the notice of the Ashram authority.
15) Throw all organic and non-organic waste in the respective rubbish bins.
16) No smoking or drinking is allowed at the Ashram.
17) Keep silence in the Ashram. No arguments are allowed in the Ashram.
18) Please make sure that you ask for a receipt after donation.
19) The Ashram is your property, so please keep it clean. Please make sure that you clean your bathroom / toilet after use, and also that your room is kept tidy.

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