About Sunyogi Umasankar

Written in November 2000

According to the Oxford dictionary, science is “the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world and society (esp. through observation and experiment)”. In these terms, Uma Sankar Sunyogi  is therefore a scientist, for he has dedicated his life to studying the physical and natural world through the observation of his own spiritual practice and self-experimentation. Through his discoveries, Uma Sankar Sunyogi now believes that western science is ‘the dead body of science’, for it does not observe the living (but invisible) connections between measurable matter. Western scientists observe and measure the dead cells of living creatures, not the soul that is the life within them. They have not found a way of measuring the soul, so they claim that it does not exist. They claim that God is nowhere, but Uma Sankar Sunyogi  prefers to explain that God is “now-here”, existing within every living being. Without the soul, the body cannot live and without the body the soul cannot exist (for it will return to the super-soul or God). So, if scientists claim that there is no soul, then surely this is proof that they are studying the dead body of science. In order to gain true knowledge, scientists first need to study their own feelings and discover their own soul. Only in this way will they understand the life of science rather than its dead body. As Uma Sankar Sunyogi  says, ‘one drop of practice is better than an ocean of books and theory’. Through the practice of meditation we can feel, and through feeling we can discover the soul.


Yoga is a scientific method of connecting the human soul with the super-soul or God. Once a Yogi achieves this point of self-realisation, they are able to receive all types of universal energies. It is similar to the transformation of iron into a magnet, for when iron receives an electric charge, it creates an electromagnetic force that has an invisible attraction to other iron objects. Similarly, by connecting the soul to the super-soul, the Yogi receives a charge of cosmic energy, which creates a strong ‘magnetic’ force, attracting other humans by his calm, peaceful & healing qualities. The powers gained by Yogis enable them to perceive and understand structures of the universe that simply cannot be comprehended by the rest of us.

Uma Sankar Sunyogi  has discovered a method of absorbing the sun’s cosmic energy through his eyes, removing the need to eat, drink or sleep. How can this be explained through conventional science? It cannot! So how can it be explained through the life of science? Well, this also is not easy to explain, for the life of science can only be truly understood through feelings and experience, which cannot be described in words or measured in units. For Uma Sankar Sunyogi , it is perfectly clear, but for me, the author, it is not so easy to comprehend! The International Spiritual Conference in Calcutta will bring together Scientists and Yogis to discuss the life of science, share their discoveries and initiate people with simple ways of meditating upon the life of science.

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