Yogiraj Amarjyoti JI consecrated Mahavatar Babaji statue in UPC Ashram

Shree Yogiraj Amarjyoti Ji visited Universal Peace Centre in Lachipur on January 18th and 19th, 2021. His holy hand blessed Mahavatar Babaji’s wooden statue, inaugurated in the Lachipur ashram on that occasion.

The celebrations started on January 18th, when Yogiraj Amarjyoti Ji was greeted by crowds of pilgrims, throwing orange and yellow flower petals while walking in front of his car and singing “Om Mangalam, Omkar Mangalam, Guru Mangalam, Gurupad Mangalam.” Barefooted Yogiraj Sunyogi Umasankar Ji led the colorful greeting procession.

The ceremony was open to the public and was organized to celebrate the newly built ashram, puja room, and Mavaavatar Babaji statue. On that occasion, the official consecration of the Mahavatar Babaji statue was planned, and several changes were made to the ashram; a solar system was installed on the ceiling above the figure, and the façade of the ashram was renewed to a light raspberry color. At the top of the façade, three images were hung with Sun, Mahavatar Babaji, and the UPC logo. The event was honored with artistic and musical performances and singing. For the occasion, a stage for the performance and a tent for the audience was built in front of the ashram entrance. During the blessing of the Mahavatar Babaji sculpture, Yogiraj Amarjyoti Ji sang the song “Prabhu Mere Jeevan Ko Kundan Bana Do.” The holy statue was donated by Diamond Yong from Malaysia and created by his artist friend from Indonesia.

Universal Peace Centre also celebrated Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 125th birth anniversary, the great Indian freedom fighter and spiritual leader who supported India’s struggle for independence from British occupation and raised a liberation army in East Asia in the 1940s.


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