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EDT – Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4:00h) – New York, Chile
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The 21st Universal Peace Conference (UPC2021) is organized on April 23rd-25th, 2021.

During the three days we plan:

  • Inspiring talks and discussions
  • Renowned Speakers and Scientists from around the world
  • 12 thematic sessions
  • Broad topics: Yoga, Health, Agriculture, Economy, Family, Human Rights, Education, Technology, Science, Religion, Spirituality and more
  • International Speakers and Audience from more than 15 countries
  • Opportunities for energizing connection
  • Interactive online Zoom sessions
  • All sessions are held in English due to international Audience
  • Interesting artistic program including mantra singing, Indian dancers, etc.

Main points of the conference:

  • The sessions are from 10:00am to 07:00pm (IST) each day.
  • Opening ceremony at 10:00-10:30am (IST) on Friday, April 23rd.
  • Ending ceremony at 07:00-07:30pm (IST) on Sunday, April 25th.
  • The conference schedule is published under the link. All session times are given in Indian Standard Time (IST, UTC+05:30).
  • The list of speakers is announced under the given link.
  • The conference is open and free to all interested participants. We will provide e-certificates to all participants, both speakers and audience, who will share their email address.
  • You can contact the organizers by sending email to

We are looking forward to meet You and have interesting discussions!


✔️ Please, fill in the registration form, so we could send the link to the online event on Zoom to your email address.

✔️ Here you can find Facebook event about UPC 2021.


Read more about the UPC 2021 conference:
➡️ General info
➡️ Schedule and sessions
➡️ Speakers
➡️ Artistic performers
➡️ History
➡️ Facebook event


  1. Thank you , remembering us for this event .Yes, we agree to participate. Just a little permission required from swami umasankarji.

  2. Dear Sir ,
    I am eager to join the UPC 2021 virtually. Therefore I request you to give pass to join this conference.
    Thanking you,

    1. Author

      Your are welcome to join!

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