Experience from basic Sunyoga Workshop given by S. C. Karan at Mahendra datta University Bali

An honored disciple of Sunyogi Swami Umasankar Mr. S. C. Karan  conducted a basic Sunyoga Workshop at Bali – Indonesia 16-19 August 2015.

About 25 people, joined together to learn great Sunyoga technique. Workshop started with recitation of salutation to Guru (teacher) and followed by Sunyoga session from
morning 6.30 AM, all participants enjoyed Sunyoga I one hour session at Bali beach, question answers session,breakfast and theoretical session.

On 19th evening there was a Sunyoga interactive session at Mahendradutta university Bali, teachers, staff and students learned about Sunyoga theory.

After delivery of lecture at Mahendra datta University Bali, I decided to conduct a 20 minutes Sunyoga session. As per your teachings, I always request all participants to sit down on the ground for this session but since the female students were wearing very small miniskirt, I decided to conduct the session in standing position. After passing approximately 5 minutes one girl aged 15 years lost her consciousness and fell flat on face. I tried to check what happened to her. I observed that she has very low heart beat and almost negligible breath. It was panic situation for me, whether she got attack or some medical emergency? I could be in legal trouble at abroad as consequences of this incident.

I further observed there was no pain on her face, eyes were half open, showing comfort and piece on her face. I checked her aura, her etheric, emotional and mental subtle bodies, there was no Sign of sickness or any kind of problem.

I called no medical help. I started praying for her fast recovery. She became normal in about 10 minutes. I asked what happened. She said that she
started feeling her physical body losing weight and sensation, finally lost control over physical body.

Oh my God, she attained the stage beyond sensually perception beyond meditation exactly called samadhi (समाधि) in just 5 minutes. People struggle for years
together to reach this level, take many birth for this achievement and she got it in just 5 minutes.

God bless this child, I find myself very fortunate for getting the opportunity for meeting such clean and highly evolved soul during my own spiritual journey.
She is clean and evolved soul like my master Swami Umasankar ji.

May God almighty bless all of us (Sunyoga practitioners) to achieve this high level of spiritual journey called Samadhi.

For pictures of this interactive session please click the following web link www.karanevent.blogspot.in
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