In the end of January Sunyogi was interviewed by Ra on Truth Frequency Radio. For 90 minutes he was on the show and talked about his life up to 2007 when he met Mahavatar Babaji for the first time. There will be another appearance on the show called “Eye of Ra” and that will be aired 23 February 7:30pm UTC -5 and at 6am 24 February in India.

In a couple of weeks after Sunyogi was interviewed another time by Crystal Goh on her Youtubel-channel named FESIG (Free Energy Special Interest Group). This channel focus to bring forward the top scientists working in silence with advanced technology. She is also making an effort to bring in the spiritual aspect by also having many spiritual inclined persons on the channel to find solutions for the betterment of humanity and peace to the world. Sunyogi talked about interesting things that has happened in his life and about Mahavatar Babaji. See the video below.


  1. Please give me the next teacher training place and time. which has mentioned in the web site is confusing.
    In the heading it is mentioned the training place is lachhipur and in details it is siridi.
    pl clarify.

    1. Author

      Yes, thank you for inform us about this mistake. The course will be in Lachhipur. The details should be:
      This course are for those practitioner who has passed the advanced course (Level IV) in Sunyoga and want to become Sunyoga teacher for Sunyoga Level I and II.

      Teacher: Sunyogi Umasankar

      Place: UPC Ashram Lachhipur

      Contact: Swamiji Yog Sundarananda

      Phone: +91 95644 96531 (and Whatsapp)


      Language: English, Bengali

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