Notes from Sunyoga Online Satsang January 24, 2021 with Sunyogi

This time we had people from India, Sweden, France, Poland, Korea, Serbia, people from all around the world. Even if we live far apart, the internet makes it feel close. The online meetings are succesful and it feels the Sunyoga family is constantly and consistently developing.

We welcomed everyone. Then all participants shared about themselves. The questions brought forward this Sunday were about how to apply the third eye in Sun Meditation, Kumbhaka technique, Savasana in cold temperature, and the value of spending time alone. We also learned more about Shri Amarjyoti.


Third eye instructions 

Someone asked about instructions for the third eye and if we can look at the Sun when it is strong. The conclusion was that this is indescribable in words only. We cannot explain the taste of water, everyone needs to have their experience for themselves and the satisfaction of it.

We get full protection when we follow the three instructions:


  • Do not look directly into the Sun

  • Create friendship with the Sun

  • Accept, do not expect. Each experience is different every time, and cannot be reproduced.


The third eye connection is about making friendship with the Sun through our pure emotions, our sentiments, and connecting through our strong feelings towards the Sun.  We need to find that emotion as well as the pure emotion connected to surrendering.


Words can create confusion and our understanding depends on how they are interpreted. That’s why we need to be very clear when explaining things. Emotions can be of different kinds, some have a more negative aspect to them when they are not balanced (which they often are). Those energies arise when we have emotional attachments, such as negative greed, or anger. We need to understand the distinction between these positive and negative emotions. The positive emotions can arise naturally when we create our inner trust when we know what we want. We focus on love and devotion. The positive emotions are the same as the ones felt for our parents and for our children. Emotions are important, providing they are without expectations.


These positive emotions are produced in the preparation of the mind before Sun Meditation: Feeling of surrender to the Sun, with the ultimate goal of Self-realization. Feeling of friendship without ego. That’s how positive emotions are applied. The pure emotions are without limits as they are connected to the source with no blockage in between. 


Meditation on the photograph and removing toxins

A participant mentioned he got a headache while doing meditation on his own photograph. Sunyogi explained this is a sign that toxins are coming out and that is what creates discomfort and pain. For him to reach peace he needs to continue the practice until the to reach a place of happiness, as the toxins have been eliminated. The Savasana is of the utmost importance to complete the whole process of Photo Meditation. Doing Savasana properly will solve any headache. With self-confidence and with connection to the Universe, all critical situations can be easily overcome, being 100% in the present moment. 


From needle to pyramid

We may feel the call for going to retreat in the mountains or any peaceful lonely place to get away from the mundane life that easily distracts and disturbs us. This can help us reach a higher peak in our consciousness. The place where we live in, where we have our social life is important for our higher realizations as well. As for an example, Sunyogi compared it with a needle and a pyramid. The peak consciousness we achieve in our special lonely retreats is represented by the top of the needle and the pyramid. The consciousness we grow in the social everyday life represents the bottom of the needle and the pyramid. The needle has a limit for growth before it reaches a certain length, becomes fragile, and breaks. The pyramid on the other hand can grow with sustainability and without limit so we understand by this visualization that we need to always add in social work for any sustainable growth. We can grow it from the bottom or equally along its sides. Thus, we need to grow as a pyramid, by connecting ourselves to society, to our Karma. Please refer to chapter 5 of Essence of Sunyoga on “What is the law of Karma”. 

Needle and Pyramid v3


The further we go in the courses of Sunyoga, the more focus there is on social service or Seva (work done without attachments). The base of our pyramid. It is our responsibility to protect our family, society, humanity. On all levels, sustainable growth follows a pyramid structure. Otherwise higher progress will not be possible. Once at the top of the pyramid, which is like the needle when having a narrow perspective, the only possibility for further sustainable growth is to increase the base of the pyramid. We can only share our fruits we have received up high if we also socialize together with others below. First then can they support us to also reach even further. Seva is how we share the benefits of our spiritual practice. A monk staying in a monastery is a needle. A Saddhak in society is a pyramid. But also you are part of the societal pyramid.


Human pyramid by little kids


About focus in meditation

We go step by step, focus deeper and deeper, but there are limits on the physical dimension of our practice. Sincere practice with surrender is required to overcome resistance, stemming from our limited senses. Be with the practice with trust. Individual experience is nothing and very limited compared to the whole Universe that is full of knowledge, full of experience. Naturally, the connection will come, and once we get prepared to receive from the Cosmos, the energy is expanding towards us. 


The 5Ps as help to achieve Yama, Niyama, Asana

Meena nicely explained the 5Ps:

  • Patience (Earth element) is the foundation

  • Punctuality (Water element). Again and again, with Patience and Punctuality, meditating at the same time removes laziness, clears out any disturbance, and if practiced at the same location it will crystallize our electromagnetic field. A stronger connection will then lead to:

  • Perfection (Air element), which automatically comes from Patience and Punctuality work, then:

  • Purification (Fire element) of thoughts, body, emotional, mental, heart, all negativities are being purified. All dimensions infuse towards a loving nature with the growing desire to share and do selfless Seva, which definitely leads to a Pleasant state.

  • Pleasantness (Space element), being content, peaceful, alive, and available to everyone around us, and giving help from a neutral point. 


Free from any resistance within us, along with surrendering to the Cosmic Consciousness, like the water which cannot be stopped in reaching the ocean. Until goals are reached, we continue with Patience bringing the Punctuality. With full-hearted practice, we reach Perfection, Purification, for Pleasantness to come. Balancing the 5Ps is so important to our progress. Patience is the difference between a Deva (divine) Sadhaka and an Asura (evil) Sadhaka. The type of Patience coming from the latter will not be held for long, while Devas have an incredible patience. Patience quality is a requisite that is essential to practitioners of any level.  


Savasana in the snow

One practitioner asked a question concerning how to do Savasana when it is snow, windy and cold. The solution is either doing Savasana outdoors with many blankets to keep oneself warm or go inside after the Sun Meditation and do Savanasan there. Similar issues exist for instance in India where Sunyoga practitioners face extremely high temperatures.  One practitioner came with the idea that we don’t necessarily have to move and can instead test what our limits are in such conditions. If we say to ourselves ”the air is warm”, and strongly adopt this thought, then we can sustain better in the cold. Generally, we should move to another place if the discomfort makes it difficult for us to concentrate.


Kumbhaka technique

The Kumbhaka technique during meditation was another question. It was emphasized that this is instructed in advanced workshops only, and to be carefully guided by an appropriate teacher as it can cause harm if wrongly done. When holding air in Kumbhaka, are stomach muscles tense or loose? It was answered that muscles remain in a normal state. “What is happening, let it be”. More will be shared in workshops to avoid any misunderstanding. See information on link:  Workshops 2021 Schedule for India


Sree Amarjyoti visit to UPC Center

We concluded with grateful and loving thoughts towards Sree Amarjyoti and talked about his recent visit to the UPC ashram in Lachipur in January 2021. Amarjyoti dwells everywhere, but physically is often at the Mahavatar Babaji meditation Centre in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India, a beautiful spiritual place where devotees gather to come and give Pranam (Respect) to him. 


Doing Pranam to a person is meaningful to everyone involved, both the person receives the Pranam as well as the one giving. Recognizing divinity in another human is to acknowledge divinity in oneself. The more Saints we have on our planet, the more light, the more we can cope with world challenges. Pranam is not a familiar action in the western culture and we do not understand its significance until we experience the high benefit of giving respect to life, nature, noble people, family, all beings. Our beliefs are transformed after experiencing these blessings.


Amarjyoti is considered a Saint in India and is not physically directing or guiding anyone. His teaching and presence are for high spiritual people of higher frequency level. When meeting Amarjyoti, some can feel and see Babaji’s face in him. His energy and awareness thus are for people ready to be in contact with an evolved soul and to benefit from the high protection from him. We are grateful that Amarjyoti offered his blessings to the Mahavatar Babaji statue in UPC. See the website post; Amarjyoti offering his blessing. We give our thanks to the Sunyoga Malaysian Family, to divine Brother Diamond Yong, for the very nice Mahavatar Babaji statue donation.


We are grateful to Sunyogi. We are blessed to have Swamiji sharing his experience to help us to reach wisdom. The wonderful thing about the Sunyoga Family is that everyone can contribute to constructing a higher-level building, Sunyogi has already prepared the foundation for us to build upon. 


Whenever a question comes, Sunyoga is a base upon where we can find all the answers, how to work on oneself as an individual, with our family, society, community, country, outer world, and inner world. The world-wide Sunyoga Family’s purpose is Universal and Individual Peace, Unity, Unicity and Oneness.


Pranam to Mahavatar Babaji, Pranam to Amarjyoti, Pranam to Sunyogi UmaSankar Lotus Feet. 

Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Health, Unconditional Love, and Enlightenment to All.


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