During Swamijis stay in Europe he found clarity about his future and has decided to go on a 3-years retreat with start from 23 June 2021. He will be completely unavailable all this time.

There are still a few beginner workshops (Level III) planned for learning Sun meditation 2019, only in India:

11-13 October in Allahabad/Prayagaj

19-21 October in Nisganj, West Bengal (Language only Bengali)

5-7 November in Duraundha, Bihar (Language only Hindi)

11-13 November in UPC ashram in Lachhipur, West Bengal

You will also have the chance to learn acupressure at a beginner workshop 20-22 December in UPC ashram Lachhipur followed by a medical camp where you have chance to practice what you have learnt in the course 23-25 December. For more information for all courses go to schedule.

For Spring 2020 there are ongoing plans to have workshops in South Korea (May/June), Australia (April) and Malaysia (March/April). In Summer there will be workshops in Europe and we look to have fewer, larger and more centralized organized workshops for Europe 2020.

In Lachhipur the work on UPC building is in full process and another floor is constructed increasing the capacity to have more visitors.

Picture from advanced course currently held in the Ashram.

The work on an updated version of the book Essence of Sunyoga is going on. We can already say much more content has been added and we will prepare for a world wide distribution hopefully in a few months. Autobiography of Sunyogi is now also being translated into Russian, Spanish, German and French. Already it has been published in Italian and English language. If you like to help translate into your language please contact us at sunyogiindia@gmail.com


    1. Author

      Contact us and make sure to come to our workshop 11-13 November.

  1. Hello Namaskar
    This is Saibal Gangopadhyay from Bosepukur, Kasba, Kolkata. Want to visit Lachhipur UPC and register for the program on 20th December 2019.
    Pls let me know the requirements. I shall remain highly obliged and grateful.
    Om Shanti
    Warm Regards
    Saibal Gangopadhyay

    1. Author

      Dear Saibal,

      You are welcome. No previous requirements needed for basic course in Acupressure.

  2. I would love to have you as guest on my radio show on the truth frequency radio network . My name is Ra Castaldo and my show is called the Eye of Ra, naturally. The Children of the Sun, I have received transmissions from the Sun . I have been shown many things, and have seen the Solar super computer fiery throne. Please contact me my friend.

    1. Author

      That can be interesting. I will contact you.

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