The year started with New Year Celebration in the ashram.

Sunyogi visited Jaydeb Kenduli Mela Baul Festival with Amarjyoti Babaji 13-15 January

One of the greatest moments of Universal Peace Centre was on 18t-19 January 2021. Mahavatar Babaji’s wooden statute was inaugurated by the holy hand of Yogiraj Amarjoytiji. He gave blessings to protect humanity.

We at Universal Peace Center are very greatful for his blessings and how he proct humanity with his unconditional love.
We are also greatful to Diamond Yong from Malaysia who has donated the statue. It was made in Indonesia by his great artist friends.

Sunyoga workshops

20-22 January there was a Basic Sunyoga workshops in Durgapur. There is now a plan for many upcoming workshops in India until the Summer. There will be Basic courses, Advanced courses, an Acupressure course and a 7-day teacher training course. Make sure to come to any of these courses before Sunyogi leaves for his three years long retreat starting in June 22nd. See schedule!

UPC celebrated the great India freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose 122th birthday

The Ashram's Organic Garden is growing

Mixed News

We have updated the website with information about the Ayrvedic product Vanaspati Amritam that can be bought from us. Read more here!

A new translation of Autobiography of Sunyogi has been published in Croatian langue (Autobiografija Sunyogi) and can be bought on the major online bookstores (like Amazon) both as paperback and ebook.

Our weekly Sunday Satsang are continuing succesfully. One Sunday’s meeting summery of can be read here.

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