Below is a summary of what has been happening in the UPC ashram the last few months.

Sunyoga Basic Course

On 11-13 November, a large number of people came to join the basic course in Sunyoga held in UPC Lachhipur. The participants enjoyed a very intense 3-day course spanning from early morning to late evening, a course which was very much appreciated by the attendees. We were lucky to have a student achieving Samadhi experience during the course. It was the first time this happened in the beginner course. This kind of experience usually only happens in the advanced course.

Sunyogi on Retreat in Mauritius

In 15 November Swamiji left India for his yearly one-month retreat and this year he went to Mauritius and spent time with and was taken care of by the Mundhill family.  It is a Hindi family and has its root in West Bengal India. Swamiji had the opportunity to explore the great nature of the island and come to see turtles, monkeys, corals and ended his time at the island by swimming with dolphins which was very much apricated by them both.

Basic Acupressure Course in Lachipur

In 20-22 December there was a course in Acupressure in the Ashram and nice group of people attended the course. The students showed great interest to learn and absorb the knowledge Swamiji was sharing from his experience giving treatments for many years and from what he has learned by deeper meditation on the subject.

Several of the acupressure students are currently staying long time in the ashram (at least until August 2020) and are ready to treat people coming to the ashram for free to help cure their disease. Acupressure is a unique science and is very potent for any kind of health problem and can give hope for people that has a disease they do not find a cure for anywhere else and it can together with Sunyoga balance and facilitate other ongoing treatments.

Free Medical Camp

Directly after the acupressure workshop a successful medical camp was held at Lachhipur School in 23-25 December. Many doctors from all around the world came to the ashram to give their service. We were fortunate to receive doctors from England, Australia and from different places all over India.

Not only allopathic medicine was offered but also Natural therapies like Acupressure and Panchagavya. Many locals came to draw the benefit of free medical checkup done by the best doctors. Blood sugar and blood pressure were measured on many of the hundreds of people showing up. Medicine was then given for free for those who needed.

New Nursery and Primary Course (Level 1 and 2)

Although the weather was very rainy, in total 5 brave young students came and joined for the newly developed Primary Course given by Swamiji Yog Sundarnanda in 4-5 January. This was the first time a Sunyoga course was conducted in the Ashram from another teacher than Sunyogi Umasankar. This is an important step for the UPC organization to grow and stay active for the upcoming years when Sunyogi will be absent and focused on his own practice (mid 2021-mid 2024).

The Primary Course is now given regularly every second week in the ashram and has various teachers, both from Europe and India. It is a great way to smoothly start your Sunyoga practice before moving on next to the Basic Sunyoga Course (Level 3). The course is focused on the practical performance of Sunyoga and it explains in detail what the physical benefits are in Sunyoga. You will also get basic understanding in the foundation of Yoga (Yama, Niyama and Asana).

There is now a course planned for those who have passed the advanced Sunyoga Course (Level 4) and would like to become a Sunyoga teacher. In 26-28 February this course for coming Sunyoga teachers will be held in UPC ashram in Lachhipur. Everyone who are qualified are very welcome.

The UPC ashram building in progress

A new floor has been in construction at the UPC ashram for quite some time. A few more months are still needed until we will see it being completed. The new floor will have a larger room for Puja and lectures at the south side and the north side is built and dedicated for labor worker for manufacturing products which can provide income for the local workers and the ashram in the future.

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