Sunyoga has a total of seven levels of courses. It is necessary to remember that practice precedes theory for gaining understanding. There are also guidelines for teaching in Sunyoga. In general, the teacher should be well grounded in practical experience to inspire confidence in the student of the specific course level. The whole purpose of Sunyoga is to empower ourselves, to be able to trust our inner divine power, and to become self-sustaining, with our own inner guru taking charge. Our inner guru will start to guide us more and more, while our outer gurus will be less and less influential.


Level I – Nursery course 

The first level course is all about bringing inner peace and health to the individual for a balanced life. Here we learn the basic tools for keeping ourselves healthy and having a happy life. In the course, we will be introduced to basic meditation techniques, be given instructions on how to eat healthily, do physical exercises with awareness of the breath (Yogasanas), and learn a few important acupressure points for health.

Prerequisites: None.
Course duration: A single lecture/Satsang.
Course target: Basic understanding of the benefits of Sunyoga.
Recommended practice:
Physical exercises for purification;
Simple Ajna Chakra meditation.

Level II – Primary course 

In the second level, we learn what brings a sustainable happy life and howto maintain a holistic approach for keeping us in balance inside and out. Solutions to different common health issues related to emotions are addressed, overcoming depression, traumas, resolving fears, etc. We learn how to improve our psychological condition and our vital and mental powers, for better concentration and memory.

Prerequisites: None.
Course duration: Two days.
Course target: Mastery of basic Sunyoga practices and 1% brain
utilization (Half-conscious mind).
Recommended practice:
Yogasana exercises;
Eye-to-Eye or Photo Meditation;
Basic Sun Meditation (get technical instruction from a level IV+


Level III – Secondary (Basic course) 

Thee third level course is a three-day practical and theoretical workshop. The course serves to purify all interior chakras. The goal of the course is to reach Dhyana stage or Sahaja Samadhi, awaken Chakras±4 and introduce a lifestyle that can sustain this higher level of awareness. This is a spiritual level beyond the full kundalini awakening and it takes us to the seventh of the eight steps in the Ashtanga Yoga. At this stage of spirituality, we have passed the lower spiritual levels where the magical Siddhis reside. The course will take us beyond this crucial obstacle and facilitate our future progress. We experience heightened self-confidence and control over our lives.

Prerequisites: None.
Course duration: Three days.
Coursetarget: Open all Chakras upto Dhyana and Dhyana Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±4), and 2% brain utilization (Conscious mind).
Recommended practice: Morning or evening Sun Meditation.
Teaching capacity: After completing the course, we can teach
Sunyoga Level I.

Level IV – Higher Secondary (Advanced course)

This course is an intense 7-day-long practical course including theoretical lectures. In these seven days, we strictly follow and live the foundation of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, and Asana. The focus is on purification and on strengthening our foundation, making the experience of (Nirvikalpa) Samadhi attainable. If we are well prepared for the course, reaching Samadhi is definitely within our grasp. Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the first experience of being in a state of enlightenment and is where we learn to make a strong connection to our inner guru, our soul or higher self. This is the final and eighth step in Ashtanga Yoga. From this stage, our inner guidance towards the higher stages of enlightenment will be more prominent and our dependence on outer gurus will slowly fade away. We start to understand the natural flow of nature, life, and the Universe. We will realize that the significance of the individual self lies in its ability to play an important role in the infinitely bigger whole, the Creation.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level III;
At least 6 months of regular sincere practice of Sun Meditation
following completion of the Sunyoga basic Level III course.
Course duration: Seven days.
Course target: Awaken all chakras up to Samadhi and Samadhi Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±5), and 7% brain utilization
(Subconscious mind).
Recommended practice:
Sun Meditation in strong noontime Sun;
Apply Yama, Niyama, Asana in everyday life;
Basic Chakra cleansing and breathing exercises;
Chakra Darshan meditation.
Teaching capacity: After completing the course, we can teach
up to Sunyoga Level II.  

Level V – Degree course

This is the beginning of enlightenment and where the real yoga starts. Here we can start to experience freedom from the dependency on food and water, and reach to the level of having a disease-less body. Now we have to dedicate part of our life to social work.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level IV; At least one year of regular and sincere practice of Sun Meditation after the finished advanced Level IV course.

Course duration: Six months in the Sunyoga Ashram.
Course target: Open up all chakras to Rogamukta and Rogamukta Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±8), and 20% brain utilization (Super conscious mind).
I Recommended practice: Dedicate a part of our life to social
Teaching capacity: After completing the course, we can teach
up to Sunyoga Level III.


Level VI – Master’s Degree course

This is the higher enlightenment course, bringing us to Paramahansa, childlike stage, and Chaitanya, no enemy stage, all the way to Amar, supreme conscious, longevity stage.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level V; Applying ourselves to the society;
Doing Karma Yoga. Course target: Open up all Chakras to Amar and Amar Rodhak
Chakra (the Chakras ±11), and 50% brain utilization (Supreme
conscious mind).
Course duration: An estimated time of three years of sincere
practice in the Sunyoga Ashram.
Teaching capacity: After completing the course, we can teach
up to level IV.

Level VII – Researcher course

This is the level of full enlightenment, where we are at all times merged with Cosmic Consciousness (Cosmic Energy or God Consciousness), and becoming a real yogi. At that time, 100% of our brain will be activated and we will be 100% dedicated to social work. Duality will not hinder us anymore and we can do real Feel-osophical work.

Prerequisites: Completed Sunyoga Level VI.
Course duration: The estimated time for a fully focused student
is about 12 years practice to complete the course.
Course target: Open up all Chakras to Brahmanusama and
Brahmanusama Rodhak Chakra (the Chakras ±14), and 100%
brain utilization (Universal conscious mind).
Recommended practice: Dedicate full time for social service.
Teaching capacity: After completing the course, we can teach
all Sunyoga levels.