Basic Sunyoga Workshop

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If you are interested in meeting Uma Sankar Sunyogi to learn more about Sun Yoga India, you can visit our Ashram or any of the conferences and workshops listed on this website. If you would like to arrange a training or conference with Uma Sankar Sunyogi please contact:

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Basic workshop is Level III of Sun Yoga India and consists from the practical part (Sun Meditation India and Meditations which could be practiced when the weather is cold or cloudy) and theoretical part. 

Topics that Uma Sankar Sunyogi will teach at the basic Sun Yoga India Workshop: 

1. Discovery of Sun Yoga India during his stay in the famous Pondicherry Ashram
2. 600 day stay in the Himalayas, stories and discoveries
3. How he met Mahaavatar Babaji twice and Babaji’s teachings to the world
4. 8 steps of Yoga
5. Daily complete practice of Sun Yoga India including four recommended asanas
6. All stages of Sun Yoga India in detail to reach the ultimate goal
7. Eye angle during the Sun Meditation India
8. Meditations during bad weather and preparation for Sun Meditation India
9. Spiritual functions of the brain during meditation and what is Samadhi
10. Basic introduction of eye angle during the Sun Meditation India


6:30 am (90 minutes after sunrise) – morning Sun Meditation India
9:00 am Lecture
13:00 pm Lunch break
15:00 pm Lecture
17:30 pm Afternoon meditation

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