In the vacuum and abscence of Sunyogi, many courses have started organized by new Sunyoga teachers. In Croatia has Martin Pavlina already completed several Sunyoga courses for beginners as can be seen in the video and pictures below. Find out more about Sunyoga in Croatia by joining the Facebook page or visit the website.


In Austria a Sunyoga II level course was done in June and from 30 July – 1 August there will also be a beginner course (Level III) with Hannes and Axel. See here for more info


In France large Sunyoga activity is going on. Sunyoga teaching has been allocated to every state of the country and many Sunyoga level 1 and 2 courses have been done recently. Contact Olivier for more info (Whatsapp +33 6 06 72 68 53) or Nadine as more courses will come up soon.


In Ahmedabad in the Gujarat district we have Lokesh who will soon hold a Sunyoga Level 1 workshop streching over three days 23-25 July. See here for more info.

In Lucknow in the district of Uttar Pradesh Prashant held his first Sunyoga Level 1 Course. Pictures from there you will find below.

Sunyogi mentioned before leaving that our biggest enemies is laziness, which resides inside us, need to be conquered to reduce our ego. For this purpose he gave us, toxin releasing exercises, Agnihotra and Sun meditation. When we make these practices a part of our life, that is the greatest gift we could return to him.
During the teachers training course Jignasha Kulkarni from Rajkot, Gujarat, India took the decision to start lead these physical exercises. She leads the classes every morning, from 4:00 am to 4:45 IST (Indian Standard Time). The classes started 1st July 2021, and are open for everyone to join.


  1. Sun yoga is a very effective and scientific system to achieve self-realization. But it need continuous and proper practice.

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