Funeral and marriage ceremony of Sunyogi´s close relatives

Namaste, Namaskar,

Our prayers goes to Sunyogi brother-in-law, Ashok Roy. On January 27th his soul left for the higher planes. Our sincere consideration and loving support goes to the near family and relatives. He has been closely involved and taking responsibility for both his family and UPC ashram for a very long time. He was a sincere practitioner of Sunyoga and practiced every day. This kept him alive from the brain hemorrhage he received 29 days before his passing, that normally would kill within a day.

Great thanks to the DMOH doctor and his parents in Durgapur who helped to find a cheap and strong healing method at the IQ-city medical college hospital in Durgapur that almost kept Ashok alive until his daughter´s wedding February 3rd. We pray for his soul for ultimate peace.

We also want to give thanks to all the persons who step in to help and support arranging the marriage in this tough situation. Now we look forward to a new beginning for the family with the marriage of Bratati and Prasun. A big congratulations to the lovely niece of Sunyogi and her husband for their union. Blessings for their martial life, wish them happy expanded family.

We wish them peaceful,  blissful,  healthy,  enlightening life!



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