We are happy to announce the book Essence of Sunyoga is now available all around the world. It can be ordered from Amazon and many other differnt online bookstores. You can order a physical copy in colour, black and white or get it as ebook. The new edition has much new content and has doubled in size, with new structure and descriptive pictures. The 7 levels of courses of Sunyoga is clearly delineated and the book serves as a support for studying the principles of Sunyoga.

“This invaluable treatise on Sunyoga is a huge contribution to humanity…” – D. R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Former Director General of National Human Rights Commission, Director General of Central Reserve Police Force, and Champion of Human Rights, Values and Responsibilities, New Delhi, India

“Through Sunyoga, the photos directly interact with the physical body like a two-way bio-internet, establishing direct communication with the Body-Universe system, taking the seeker to a higher realm of realization.” – Dr. Vikas Kumar, Distinguished Scientist and Ex-Director, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Hyderabad, India”

  • Practical manual: Let the Sun transform your stressful life into eternal bliss.

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