How can I learn Sunyoga?

Sunyoga is best learnt in our workshops and Sun Meditation is much better learnt in-person than online or on call. Distant learning can only help for health and not is not for spiritual development. You can also learn other meditations techniques that we recommend, but they are not as powerful as Sun Meditation. You can read more about the other types of meditation on the website or in the book ‘Essence of Sunyoga’. You can also join our weekly Satsang if you have any specific question you want to have answer to.

What can I do when the Sun is behind the clouds?

The strongest rays of the sun are not visible and are penetrating the clouds, but we can still do Sun Meditation even if the Sun is hidden behind the clouds. If it is completely dark, you might prefer to do any of the other meditations recommended. 

Can I do Sun Meditation from inside the house?

Yes, it is possible, but it will be much better if no glass window screens a person from the sun. Also eye-glasses should be taken off before Sun Meditation.

Can Sunyoga heal my disease?

Actually, we already have all the power to heal ourselves, for any disease. The problem is we have lost our confidence. With Sunyoga, we strengthen our confidence so that we are able to access the inert dormant power within ourselves. Willpower is the guiding light to healing. This force can consciously be built through Sun Meditation and will lead to complete healing.

What is the difference between Sunyoga and Sun Gazing?

Sunyoga is a full life philosophy on how to live in peace and harmony on every level, with self and with society at large and further with the whole Universe. Sun Meditation is a small part of Sunyoga, the peak of the Sunyoga pyramid, and is the part that resembles Sun Gazing the most. We emphasise that Sun Meditation and Sun Gazing are two completely separate methods with different purposes developed by great saints and that the philosophies and practices should not be mixed at any point. The deeper science behind, we need to accept as beginners, we do not understand. Most of the practice is done in an abstract intangible reality which we do not comprehend at the beginning and that's why we need to rely on the teachers who are realized. The most known Sun Gazing technique has been developed by Hira Ratan Manek. In Sun Gazing, you are advised to look directly at the Sun during the first or last hour of sunset and sunrise respectively. In Sun Meditation, we don’t not look directly at the Sun. In the Sun Meditation courses, we learn several practices to safely look towards the Sun at any time of the day and to maximize the beneficial energy received from the sun. 

Why is Sunyogi leaving for a retreat for three years (22 June 2021-22 June 2024)?

Sunyogi is going to an undisclosed isolated location for three years. This solitude in an undisturbed environment is needed for him to do deep research into how a self-sustained community can be formed. He will go into all details of every conceivable aspect that this community may need and find a blueprint that can be replicated for every place on earth. This type of society is meant to be the perfect location and perfect atmosphere for sustainable growth (spiritual, mental, physical etc.) for future generations of humans living in complete amity with mother nature.