We have a deadline for those who want to arrange workshops in Sunyoga level 3 or 4, Acupressure or a seminar with Sunyogi Umasankar in Europe 2019. Sunyogi will be available outside India between April-mid June and from July to August-September.

The deadline sending in your application is: 10 October 2018 at 2pm.

Anyone who will contact us for organizing a workshop for 2019 after that date need to choose another authorized level 3 teacher and then will only Sunyoga level 3 (the basic course) be available. Feel free to contact Simone for the application to organize an event or if you have any other related question:

Email: sunyoga.austria@yahoo.com

Phone: Leave your number on an email and you will be called back by Simone



  1. I am in Australia here in Melbourne. I am an English speaker. What place is the most convenient country for me to attend a workshop. I am into 5 month of sun yoga and , I have advanced understanding of energetic, chakra system and subtle body fields. I,m not sure if I still meed to do the basic workshop or the advanced workshop. Please advise me.

    1. Hi George,

      Where did you learn Sun Yoga from? If you got the chance to learn Sun Yoga from Sun Yogi Umasankar then you might be eligible to attend advance class. But, again if you are a regular practitioner then you can attend advance class or else there’s no point. You got to get approval from Swamiji for this short duration. If your practice exceeds more than year or so happily you can attend advance.


  2. Everyone no matter background in Yoga needs to attend the first beginner course. The truth is that if you really understand the core of that course, it is all you need. Then after have been practiced sincerly for 6 months from the beinner course you are eligible to attend the advanced course.

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