Now is the new book Autobiography of Sunyogi available on and It is booth available as paperback and ebook. Take advantage to buy the paperback copy already today, we will have a 30% discount price the first month!

(The book in Amazon India is only available as ebook so far. It will probably take some days before will be updated and have the paperback also.)

In Autobiography of Sunyogi, the leading guru on Sunyoga guides readers through his extraordinary life-journey, recollecting people and events that have shaped his path in the material and spiritual world.
A book full of spiritual developments and insights into the ills and cures of our ego-driven society, filled with Sunyogi’s own reflections on yoga and mindfulness developed throughout his life resulting in the technique of Sunyoga and his unique concept of bringing universal peace to the world.
Reading this book will fully immerse you in his experiences: one moment you will be side-by-side with Sunyogi on a six-year walk across India, the next you will be with him during his stay on the snow-covered peaks of the Himalaya, and a moment later you will see him face brutal and harsh police treatment in an underground prison in Iran. Ever the yogi, ever the peaceful saint.

“The author is a man in full, very intelligent, courageous, compassionate and judgment-free. His spiritual experiences are many, inspiring, humbling, and deep.

Perhaps the most interesting part is the account of his travel adventures, featuring great yogis, saints and a veritable rogues gallery of brigands, black magicians, homicidal villagers, serial murderers, a shy tiger and rampaging bears. India is a very scary place, requiring constant vigilance of any would-be pilgrim.”

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Follow step by step Sunyogi’s walk through India on a map. (click on the arrow to the right)





  1. I love sunyoga
    I am from Mathabhanga

  2. I love Sunyoga. I am from North Goa.India

    1. Dear divine Anand Baboy Govenkar I am so happy to read you. As a doctor we would really appreciate if you could share your experience about Sunyoga with us. Best success and good blessings, enlightenment to all of us.

  3. Sun means life. Without sun nothing can grow . The self less , without any difreance , sun goes everywhere . To smallest and the highest. Thanku so much swamiji , you are sharing , and learen from you sunyog .

    1. Dear divine Meena thank you for sharing and thank you for your great interest. Have you been practicing Sunyoga meditation for a while now? Please share a little bit of your experience with us. Namaste.

  4. Hav been practicing sunyoga more than five years ago, when Swamiji first came to Malaysia and taught many of us.
    Very enlightening and energising, to be able to “see” the Sun without fear, instead with much joy and tranquility. Namaste.. Sadhu3

  5. I am interested to learn sun yoga…is there online mode????

    1. Author

      No, the only way is to learn together with a physical teacher.

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