Ancient Practice of Sunyoga was revealed to Uma Sankar Sunyogi by the grace of Mahaavatar Babaji, while he was staying in Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. This lost science became the subject of Sunyogi’s research. Upon his success, he was eager to share his experience with all people. It is our the hope that this can be the tool for promoting Universal Peace, Unity and Brotherhood.

With this in mind, he set on a barefoot journey of the entire country of India. While on a trans-country walk, Uma Sankar Sunyogi was discovered by Mr Raja Iawyer of Vedaranyam (Near Chennai) in 1997. The interaction between them resulted in the decision to bring Sunyoga to the general population, for the benefit of all. To serve this purpose, in 1998 Uma Sankar Sunyogi founded the Universal Peace Centre. He was helped by Srimati Bimala Bala Bag in the Village Lachhipur (West Medinipur) in West Bengal, India. Initially, the Universal Peace Centre was started on the family property of Sunyogi and was dependent on the income from the Bag family. Later on, other donors came forward with donations from other intimate associates.

The first international conference on Sunyoga was held in 1998 in the village of Lachhipur. About 200 people participated in this conference and workshop. Uma Sankar Sunyogi headed the conference and Dr. Pramod Prasad held a workshop on Acupressure.


Uma Sankar Sunyogi recruited Mr Ben Heron from England as a volunteer for the activities of Universal Peace Centre and also to host one webpage for the purpose of promoting our mission in the year 2000. As a result, the website was started and since then, it was upgraded in 2004 and subsequently in 2009.

In the year 2004, Sunyogi Umasankar’s efforts crossed the border of India and the first workshop was held in Thailand by the initiative of Mr Bharsu Trankasamfort. This was then followed by other similar workshops in Nepal, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia and Mongolia in the following years.

Universal Peace Centre Trust:

The mission of the Universal Peace Centre Trust is To Create Self Dependent and Sustainable Global Family Home University.

The main activities that are currently being carried out as part of the mission are:

  1. Through Sunyoga Workshops
  2. Acupressure Workshop (basic and advanced)

These activities are carried out worldwide (including India), as and when invited by the organizers of any country.  The invitation requirements are sent to the organizers of the country before the invitation is formally accepted.

The other activities of the Universal Peace Centre Trust are:

  1. Annual Universal Peace Conference, occurring since 1998 in India
  2. Further the understanding in Sunyoga and other spiritual activities
  3. Cultivation of the Ashram land by organic means
  4. Promotion of environmental development by educating the villagers about pollution, and helping them to adopt a healthy life style
  5. Plantation of trees in and around the village
  6. Help in repairing and maintenance of roads in and around the village
  7. Distribution of clothes to the poor people in villages
  8. Helping the poor students with books

The future plan of the Universal Peace Centre Trust is to: 

  1. Build a Global Family Home University in future, where further research could be carried into Sun Meditation and Sunyoga, as they are the main tools for meditation, which ultimately seek to promote a peaceful society.
  1. Possibly create a potential similar facility in another part of the world, where people could practice similar ideals of universal peace, unity and brotherhood.
  1. Create University of Sunyoga, with a complete curriculum for it’s study and research.
  1. Achieve further funds for the continuation of such social activities and also to help needy people.

How you can help?

By offering your valuable time for the cause of the mission.
By sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.
By generating funds for the ongoing and future projects.

Find our page for donations here!