A Global Family Home University

Find out more about our project of creating a Global Family Home University by reading our 17-pages information brochure here (Dream Plan in PDF)

The mission of the Universal Peace Centre is to create a self-dependent and self-sustainable Global
Family Home University (GFHU). We need to become self-dependent in order to gain control
of what can pollute our environment and create disturbance and toxins in our life and body. This
is vital for having an efficient purification and education system thanks to which we can resolve
all our problems in life.


8 Responses to A Global Family Home University

  1. Kunic hakaj says:

    Hi, are there any plans for Sunyogi to teach on the U.S.in Massachusetts?

    • admin says:

      There are no plans for him going to US. If someone is helping him with visa and organize a workshop there he can go.

    • Jonathan says:

      We will try again in future please stay in touch with me I would love to help organizing as I have experience organizing workshops with Sunyogi in France and as I now live in the USA in Minneapolis MN. Please let’s stay in touch. My facebook: Jonathan Charpentier (JC in Minneapolis), phone number 612-670-2264, email address: Sunyoga@jonathancharpentier.com Thank you

  2. Sandra Mccutcheon says:

    Why is he having a hard time? We could benefit here from his wisdom. I am a US citizen. Surely there is a way for him to get a visa. Don’t give up hope. They will be done.

  3. shabari says:

    I want to meet the yogi. Could you please help me for that.

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