Courses 2021/2022 Every Sunday – Free Online Satsang On every Sunday we have online Satsangs. This is a time where we share our thoughts about Sunyoga and if someone has questions, we will find a solution to them together. TheContinue Reading

Croatia In the vacuum and abscence of Sunyogi, many courses have started organized by new Sunyoga teachers. In Croatia has Martin Pavlina already completed several Sunyoga courses for beginners as can be seen in the video and pictures below. FindContinue Reading

Report from Universal Peace UPC Conference 23 – 25th April 2021 The 21st Universal Peace Centre UPC Conference was held this year online and welcomed a large audience which were enthusiastic to hear all the inspiring speakers invited. Sometimes thereContinue Reading

Join the conference: Zoom link: Zoom meeting ID:  Time-tables – choose time-zone:  MDT – Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00h) – Utah CDT – Central Daylight Time (UTC-5:00h) – Minnesota EDT – Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4:00h) – New York, Chile CEST – CentralContinue Reading

*Satsang: Sanskrit word that can be translated as “gathering together for the Truth”. Sat: Truth, as in for example Sat-Chit-Ananda: Truth- Consciousness- Bliss. The online meeting is the opportunity to connect and spiritually grow together within the Sunyoga family. ThisContinue Reading