On September 11 Sunyogi completed his stay in Europe and traveled back to India from Paris. For seven weeks he had been traveling around conducting workshops in: Berlin/Germany (basic), Nötsch/Austria (advanced), Nis/Serbia (advanced), Rennes/France (basic) and Saint-Melo/France (advanced). Many people around Europe received benefit from the courses and shared their gratitude of the teachings.

After giving an introductory lecture and guiding Sun mediation for beginners, a large group of people met up for the basic course in Berlin. One remarkable occurrence happened already the first day, where a man with diabetes could balance and cure his diabetes.

After Germany Swamiji went to the alps in Austria giving the advanced course in a gorgeous landscape. Swamiji was hosted and had the privilege to stay in a local bakery owned by the Wiegele family, famous in history for their talent in art.

Davorin from Slovenia tells about his experience:

“These 7 days were wonderful. I realized we are all a big family. I managed to reduce a lot of ego, negative judgments and social conditioning. My highest experience was when I attained my first Samadhi experience, I connected, and the next moment I was aware, I was lying down on the ground in a sea of total bliss.”

Next on the program was Serbia. There an advanced course took place in the ski-resort Kopaonic. The participants enjoyed the course very much and used one of the days in the course to climb and meditate on the highest mountain in Serbia.

From Serbia the travel continued to the north of France, the Brittany region. A basic course took place in the countryside close to Rennes with a cheerful group of people from all over France. The following week an advanced course was held in Saint Melo at the seaside.

Two of the participants share the experience:

“My experience of this course was very, very good. I feel it is important to come back repeatedly to the advanced course, even to the basic course to help direct my life. The simple but so vital things in life takes time to understand. The course helped me to bring theoretic explanation to my practical experiences at home. The practice of Global Family in the course helped me to see things in a completely new perspective. I felt in the course every second is valuable and a moment for learning. Some of the negative thinking I so often have in my daily life is reduced. The benefit of staying so close together this week made me able to see Swamiji lika a normal human being and that there is not such a big distance between me and my physical guru. “

Sebastian D.  

“I think this course is very unique and something you cannot get anywhere else. I feel blessed to have had the chance to once again meet Swamij and participate in the wonderful courses he is conducting. So many things have changed in my family life since I have started with Sunyoga. For example has my relationship with my parents become much better. I feel I have become more transparent and feel more freedom. I have noticed all the people in the course have grown to be more authentic and sincere. Everything in life is going better and better due to my Sunyoga practice. I have learned to sustain and overcome more pain which has giving me more confidence. My life has become so much easier.”


From Saint Melo the trip continued to the Pyrenees to visit the American spiritual scientist Dan Winter in the lovely south of France where he introduced several of his inventions. Most interesting was his brainwave and heart coherence measurement tools meant for teaching bliss experience. Before leaving from Paris to India, Swamiji also had the opportunity to stop one night at Michael Omraam Aivanhovs ashram in Bonfin. There he had the chance to meet some of his older disciples telling about Omraams important visit to India.

All in all seven weeks of Sunyoga spreading throughout Europe and a wonderful time for everyone!

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