Advanced Sun Yoga India Workshop™

The mission of the Universal Peace Centre ™ Trust is To Create Self Dependent and Sustainable Global Family Home University™.

Advanced workshop is rather a big jump in your Sun Yoga India ™ practice, so one should be ready for that experience.

Pre-requisite for advanced Sun Yoga India Workshop ™:

– Completed the basic Sun Yoga India Workshop ™ taught by Uma Sankar Sunyogi ™
– At least 6 months of regular practice of Sun Meditation India ™
– Understanding of the 8 steps of Yoga and practical application of Yama and Nyama
– Ability to sun gaze at the noon Sun




– Exercising
– How to improve Sun Meditation India ™ to achieve Samadhi
– Our 29 chakras, their activation through Sun Yoga India ™
– Kundalini awakening and Samadhi
– 13 bodies
– Chakra Darshan Meditation
– Chakra Breathing
– Brain functions in Meditation
– Law of Creation

Timetable: 4:00 am to 9:30 pm

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