New Sunyoga Documentary: Advent of Sunyoga

COSMIC ORCHARD brings to you this “independent documentary” on ‘Advent of Sunyoga’, its roots in India and how it was discovered. The film presents the saint (Master Uma Sankar Sunyogi, also known as “Sun Yogi”) who discovered Sunyoga in 1995 in India, its aims and the high level description of the method.


3 Responses to New Sunyoga Documentary: Advent of Sunyoga

  1. Jonathan says:

    Beautiful work Dan, aka Cosmic Orchard. Thank you for sharing. Blessings and best success.

  2. sashanka mouli says:

    Very nice work. Jonathan keep up your good work. Such a simple enlightened guru to help people. I am so blessed to get training under him. Thank you swamiji for considering me your student with your unconditional love. Yours sashanka mouli. Hyderabad. film actor.

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