New faster, cheaper and more efficient way of sending your donations

We would prefer you to send us money via Transferwise. It can be done from anywhere in the world. It works similar to Paypal but has significantly lower fees for any kind of money transfers compared to normal banks or Paypal.  Especially if you are sending from abroad you make it much easier for us and goverment here will not put us through so many processes. The steps you need to take is:

1. Set up an account on Transferwise.

2. Make your donation to Universal Peace Center.

Name: Universal Peace Center


IFSC Code: SBIN0000180

Account number: 34836650479

Reference: optional


One Response to New faster, cheaper and more efficient way of sending your donations

  1. Thank you for good information and good work that answers my prayer and I am sure other people’s prayers too.
    I am sending money right now to see how it works so I give you feedback for my “customer”/donator experience and on the other side you will give me your experience about receiving donation from me. Blessings and to our best success.
    Prosperity, money used beautifully for the sake of society,
    Good Health,
    Unconditional Love,

    Your friend,

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