On Sunday morning February 23rd Sunyogi Umasankar made his second appearance on Truth Frequency Radio. Many episodes from his life was discussed and the interviewer, Eye of Ra, kept the conversation light and interesting. From the excerpt of the show:

Tonight’s amazing show was an instant classic, listen as Swami ji Umasankar the “Sun Yogi” who joins us live from India discusses his life as a spiritual warrior, a healer, and Sun Yoga instructor/ expert. Topics include his mystical experiences in the Ancient Holy city of Benares, using music to battle the corona virus, his imprisonment and Bilocation/ teleportation in Iran, his Universal peace conference, and even how he battled Black magic with his Yogi abilities. In the first half hour Ra Castaldo discusses how China may have hired voodoo practitioners to purchase Donald Trumps hair for evil spells and how a man was arrested in Louisiana for this. Dont miss this show!!!!

Note: Swamiji is joining the show after 40min.


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